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Boom Supersonic aims to fly 'anywhere in the world in four hours for $100'

“Either we fail or we change the world," says Overture founder and CEO Blake Scholl. Good luck to you, sir! ( Plus d'info...

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siriusloon 11
I hope their engineering is based in reality better than his cost analysis. There is NO chance of $100-to-anywhere fares other than as a one-time limited special promotion for Day One of operations -- and I wouldn't bet $1 on that ever actually happening either.

Look at the long sordid history of aviation and automotive startups. The founders get investors to put up bags of cash and they live a lavish lifestyle until the technology fails to materialize and/or the cash runs out. The "genius" walks away with a fat bank account and a nice house or three and the investors are broke. Happens over and over again and I've yet to see anything to make me think it won't happen in this case, too.

And before you attack me for being a hater and "not believing", I don't "believe". I trust facts and reality. You may hope this venture succeeds and yes, it would be cool if it does, but hope isn't enough to make this work. It takes tons of money, solid engineering, and sound business knowledge. Hope alone won't put a single aircraft in the air. Neither will ridiculous hype about $100 fares.
joel wiley 1
Maybe bucks was a misprint - 100 bitcoin maybe?
patrick baker 5
astonishing to me BLake scholl's halucinations made it to print. Any slight economic analysis ought to shoot this craziness down, or at least prevent any take off. There are nowhere near enough wealthy folks that curious about "anywhere in the world" , so load factors would not save this company, expecially at $100. Make the price $1,000 and at least you have done something sane for the accountants to add up. This does not pass either the smell or sanity test. Is it April first already???
Roy Hunte 2
You should see him talk on LinkedIn. Blarg blarg blarg, and the aircraft hasn't even proved it will fly yet....
Kathleen Bangs 3
I enjoyed the part about melting engines.
bbabis 3
OK, I think I have a prospect for my ocean front property in Arizona!
This may only occur if Elon or Jeff B are allowed to utilize the SR71/A12 PW J58 engines design for a Private constructed Business Jet that skips along at 70K+ Ft and speeds in excess of 2500 mph possibly requiring an inflight refueling shortly after take off. See the flight profile of the SR71/A12. Very feasible but very expensive. These aircraft would be only for the very rich and may be obsolete before 1st flight if SpaceX's Star ships prove to be the promised Suborbital Passanger ships Elon dreams of.
siriusloon 1
People like them care mare about cabin volume than speed. How fast it is counts for something (see the cruising speeds of the latest bizjets), but if the super-rich have to choose between volume and speed, then size wins. If you had a gazillion dollars, would you want to spend several hours in a small cabin with your underlings, or would you rather have a private suite? Those guys don't live in small houses and they don't want to fly in a small jet either.
belzybob 2
The only thing that will go 'boom' will be the investors when they realize its a scam.

siriusloon 1
Boeing-backed Aerion just crashed and burned, so expecting Boom not to go boom is delusional.

Although...given their recent track record, nothing Boeing touches turns to gold, so that can't have helped much.
Ken Jackson 1
Thenc there was this today in Bloomberg: Texas Billionaire’s Supersonic-Jet Dream Dies as Aerion Folds
ian mcdonell 1
Just wait till he puts up a full share offer
Then you will see who the idiots really are
siriusloon 1
Anyone who invests a nickel.

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