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Nostalgia Cleared for Takeoff as Playboy Brings Back Its Big Bunny Private Jet

Set to a jazzy score by Nelson Riddle, the video shows a typical flight aboard the sleek new DC-9. A Mercedes 600 limousine whisks passengers to the red carpeted air stairs while chefs stock the plane with roast beef, hors d’oeuvres and cream puffs. Once the jet’s aloft, its twin engines hum as passengers recline in electric seats, watch movies and dance while flight attendants thread balance trays of cocktails and chilled champagne. ( Plus d'info...

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laundryczar 6
The Big Bunny, a Mercedes 600, groovy music and Bunnies? Thank God I took my heart medication this morning.
ddljr 6
Used to fly out of KDPA with my dad in the 70’s and a frequent hamburger stop was the Playboy Club at Lake Geneva WI. Saw their DC-9 there a few times. Epic times for a 12 year old
i remember seeing the "original" playboy m d 80 once(back in 1971 or 1972), parked on the tarmac at the reno airport..that was before the "new design " of airport terminals,lots of fencing and security..the aircraft of course was empty,but it was right next to the terminal and an open outside fence,and clearly DID catch your eye almost as much as the old "hughes air west" yellow planes that were lovingly called big bananas!
Michael Ragsdale 3
Ozark crewed and maintained the jet for a few years in STL. I flew with some guys there that flew it. It was bid as though it was a charter flight. Flown by whoever had the seniority to hold the bids.
I remember the Playboy plane was often parked at the Purdue University Airport (KLAF)
Stefan Sobol 2
It was based there for some time when the corporate HQ was in Chicago. The Av Tech students would have their class picture taken in front of it each year. There was (maybe still is) a wall of photos of previous graduating Av Tech classes all showing the tail of the Playboy Jet. Before my time there though.
MrTommy 1
My folks had a small summer cottage about 20 miles from the PB club in Lake Geneva. I belonged to the club so my buddy and I went there often. Couldn't afford to buy anything or eat there, but it was cool just to BE there (and tell our friends). Good times . . .
William Ableman 1
If they really wanted to be nostalgic they should bring back the "old" DC-9.
Tom Bruce 1
got a picture of it LAX 1970 or so...will dig it out
Tom Bruce 1
just uploaded N950PB photo... taken LAX 1970?
Robert Jennings 1
Still have my (ancient) metal Playboy Club card. Participated in a tour on board N950PB in late 1970 at LAX. Major stipulation, NO photos permitted of the interior.
James Simms 0
Way back in the day when I was on leave from my Army unit in Korea, got to go inside the Manila Playboy Club

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