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The US Airline Fleet That Made It Out Intact: United Airlines

United Airlines has maintained a pretty intact fleet throughout the crisis. It was the only one of the big three not to retire hundreds of planes. While some may question the move, the airline’s executives aren’t too concerned about its large fleet and continue to highlight airline flexibility... (Youtube) ( Plus d'info...

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Robert Cowling 1
So they parked them instead of retiring them.
sparkie624 1
Yes, and there is a pretty big difference.... Retiring means that you are taking them off your certificate, where parking them is just temporary and where you may have to do inspections, you do not do nearly as much to bring them back out. Putting them back on your certificate is quite time consuming and costly
Stephen Donnelly 1
United Airlines probably did this because they are cheap and wanted to save money
sparkie624 1
In these day and time, Saving money is a plus and smart!
ual is looking ahead to "better" times in may take a while, but people will want to fly within the next couple of years..also,ual and american are announcing they will do covid vaccinations for their employees starting in chicago..

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