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Sikorsky, FedEx Quietly Begin Testing Single-Pilot Cargo Plane

In a story originally reported by The Air Current (subscription required) Sikorsky and Fedex have begun flight testing a converted ATR 42-300 as a testbed for technology designed to allow single pilot operations on larger aircraft. ( Plus d'info...

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patrick baker 6
You only need a second pilot when you need one, and microchips are a poor substitute. This relentless march of lemmings toward the cliff about less and later no humans in commercial cockpits will assure me of not flying in such a configuration. What is the basis for non-pilot executives and beancounters to be so outwardly confident about no longer needing two, or one or any humans to fly commercial aircraft? Pilots have an obvious vested interest in the safe operation of every flight because the pilot gets to the scene of the accident first. I speak vociferously, forcefully against this folly- just because systems can be built does not in any way, ever, guarantee they be safe enough ever, for me, and many other pilots.
Frank Harvey 3
Can someone please explain why there are any downvotes for Patrick's post.

I happen to feel that two humans in the cockpit of any a/c is safer than one human and electronics. If one system is better than two why don't we get rid of all redundant systems, starting with two AoAs on 737s ?
Ed Chapman 1
Sounds like the camel wants his nose in the tent........

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