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Small plane deploys emergency parachute after engine trouble in Genola, Utah

A single engine airplane with two occupants went down and deployed the onboard ballistic parachute. No injuries were reported. ( Plus d'info...

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Chris Croft 6
Some aviation enthusiasts have this need to "second guess" every aircraft mishap. You were not in that cockpit when everything went "South". All onboard walked away and are safe and sound. Why all this ridiculous speculation about the pilots skills or lack thereof?
Torsten Hoff 3

"Resident Angella Martin sent FOX 13 a photo of the plane where it came to rest in the field near North Main Street and East 1600 North.

The plane landed in the White Lake area. Although the area is usually marshy, because of the extremely dry season Utah has experienced, it is dry desert land.

The plane landed about two miles away from any houses. The Santaquin Police Department says this emergency landing was an ideal situation."

Google Maps view:,-111.8620273,1558m/data=!3m1!1e3

If you look at the Google Maps view, consider the location of White Lake, and the fact that they came down about two miles from the nearest home, then it seems unlikely that they could have made it to a highway or country road suitable for an emergency landing. And all of the terrain surrounding White Lake also seems like a recipe for flipping after touchdown. Finally, White Lake may be dry at the moment rather than marshy, but that doesn't mean it's flat and clear.

I think he/she did the right thing under the circumstances.
Scott Campbell 2
"you were not in that cockpit" I like this ! And you were also not in that pilots state of mind, health, his passengers included, and obviously the aircraft and his time / experience in it.

And then for airlines cultural issues CRM have been major causes of a multitude of crashes for decades. That's why I believe great pilots continue to learn and study mishaps, close calls, accidents, Captain Scully was calm and focused because he was well prepared
Lee Withers 2
Article says the area is swampy which would be not so good with fixed gear, or does Cirrus have retracts? Anyway the old saying that any landing you can walk away from is a good landing.
George Wilhelmsen -2
Hard to believe. Flaps down, nose high, let it settle as low as you can, and drop it in. The picture was on dry land.
Jasper Buck 1
According to an FAA document I saw the aircraft, a Cirrus SR22T, N969BS, was not destroyed but "substantially" damaged. Both landing gear assemblies were damaged, neither occupant was injured. The accident took place near the intersections of 785 West and 2400 North in Genola.

Paul Miller 1
Yes Patrick, I too wonder IF another way to have avoided using that Parachute was open to the Pilot in this case ? I commend the picture taker getting to the site so fast too, even before the police arrived in seems, and you can see at least (3) persons all standing about close to the plane.
patrick baker -2
i wonder if these hardy survivors had a pilot onboard who was capable of a sucessful forced landing on a road or highway or a cleared field, or was their first choice was to depoly their parachute? A question of piloting skills not answered here.
Spencey Wencey 1
Yes there is limited information right now but it sounds like there may have been fuel contaminants or something else caused the engine to quit. Depending on the altitude I would’ve chosen to put it down on a highway or something like that as this was a very rural area.
Jasper Buck 1
I don't think we yet now what altitude he was at when he decided to deploy his chute vice try to find a place to land. The area is not as rural as you might think. The area around the landing site is surrounded by hills on the East, a lake to the North, a substantial number of of farms and fruit trees all around the intersection of the two roads he ended up near. Perhaps the pilot made an assessment of potential landing sites and decided to opt for deploying the chute vice trying to land on a road or in a field. Take a look at the area on Google earth or Google maps. Here's a link;,+Genola/@40.0372017,-111.8537869,4854m/data=!3m1!1e3


J Buck

FAA Accident Investigator (Ret.)
George Wilhelmsen -4
Look at the picture. Long areas of flat spaces. Easy to land. Not in the mountains. Not in the hills.

Why didn't the pilot just land the plane? There was no loss of control or disorientation.

This destroyed a perfectly good plane. Appalling.
RadBaron 1
Quite a few of the reports indicate "loss of oil pressure". From what I've heard, but not experienced, is that the oil you're losing usually ends up directly in front of your face, obscuring vision. I'd love to see a photo of the windshield to see if this occurred here as well.
Torsten Hoff 0
The aircraft only suffered minor damage. It will fly again.
royalbfh 1
I thought that read one time that once the chute is deployed the airframe is totaled, did I misread that?
Torsten Hoff 1
There was speculation that deploying CAPS would damage the aircraft beyond repair, but that is not the case. From

"Since the landing gear and firewall are a part of the structure designed to be crushed for energy absorption during impact after parachute deployment, Cirrus originally thought that the airframe would be damaged beyond repair on ground-impact, but the first aircraft to deploy (N1223S) landed in mesquite and was not badly damaged. Cirrus bought the airframe back, repaired it, and used it as a demo plane. It was eventually sold to another owner who destroyed it in a crash short of the runway."

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