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8 grounded Boeing 787s were built last year; more jets may need reworking

The eight in-service 787 Dreamliner jets that Boeing grounded last month for inspection and repair due to manufacturing quality flaws at its South Carolina plant were from a batch that came off the production line more than a year ago. ( Plus d'info...

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patrick baker 5
the folks who hate unions in south carolina, are being rewarded with non-union-quality output.
houseofgold 2
They did not make up how to assemble aircrafts. Tho left FOD on MAX and KC-46’s. It all happened in separate plants
Robert Cowling 1
But if you are treated like a McDonald's 'burger technician', you get what you sow.

Unions started to fight workers being treated as 'tools'. People, human beings, being treated as replaceable 'things'. But at the same time, they had 'room and board' as part of the employee contract. You lived in 'company towns', and if you were fired, you were literally toosed out, and all your belongings were either destroyed, or tossed on the street. And the 'company store' was a thing too. You couldn't quit until you paid off the inflated prices you were forced to pay.

How close are we to that now?


It's hard to feel like doing a good job for a company that treats you like a file cabinet, and knowing that they have no respect for you.
Christian Parada 3
Built by non-union labor.
Stephen Donnelly 2
You do get what you pay for!
Robert Cowling 1
Troubling... Is quality too expensive?
ADXbear 0
Wow, what's happened Boeing?.. I don't feel 8afe on either manufacturer..
Roy Hunte 1
Right now I'd feel safer on an older Boeing or an Airbus. The A220 seems like a good aircraft.
Nolivfr 1
william baker 1
Give me a 707 any day that or a 747 or 757.

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