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One of The Last Boeing 727 Visits Italy (+Photos)

Yesterday, one of the last Boeing 727s from Malibu Consulting Corporation landed in Italy at Naples International Airport (NAP). The private flight departed from Aix-en-Provence Airport (QXB). ( Plus d'info...

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ADXbear 2
Still a pretty airplane etched into my memory
sparkie624 1
Thanks for sharing.... that appears to be a 727-100 as it as the JT8D-7B on them. the 200's had mostly -17's. Much much stronger engines.
Alan Brown 1
I wonder how many people still remember boarding through the rear door on the early 727s? They closed and sealed them shortly after hijacking and bailout through that door.
sparkie624 1
Not correct... They stopped using them as much, but that was due to the advent of the Jetway... However, they installed what they called a "DB Copper Valve" that was a Spring loaded vane that with Airflow would prevent the Aft Airstair from being deployed in the air.... It was still considered an emergency exit, so they could not seal it off.
Martin Dennett 1
DB "Cooper"...

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