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Rollout of XB-1 supersonic jet set for October

Boom Supersonic, the aerospace company building the world's fastest airliner, announced Thursday that its supersonic demonstrator, XB-1, will roll out on Oct. 7. ( Plus d'info...

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Charlie Roberts 4
Go Boom!
belzybob 4
But not ka-boom
chalet 2
When I used to attend CalPoly in San Luis Obispo, Calif. in the mid sixties it freaked the hell out me everytime a couple of Air Force F-4 broke the sound barrier right over my head. They were studying the people's adaptability to those booms. In a matter of months they learned that 99% hated them. Newton´s physics laws remain alive and well so I don't expect the XB-1 to be substantially "less booming".
Robert Cowling 3

I grew up in northern Michigan, when there were planes from Ohio(?) breaking the sound barrier many times in a day. It freaked the hell out of animals, and humans alike. I hope they are limited to 'booming' off the shore of land.
gravity surfer 2
Nice. I grew up in the UP (Ontonagon) and remember those very well. It would shake the windows in the house. Cool stuff for a young kid.
ADXbear -1
Great, as we retire 747s, 380s, 757,767s and a f ed up Max.. the industry in all its wisdom is coming out with this pos..
Jim Myers 3
Ladies and gentlemen, the Luddite has entered the conversation!

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