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CDC updates airline coronavirus guidance for aircraft cleaning, dealing with ill passengers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated guidance for airlines and aircraft crew in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, including adding a section on how to clean aircraft. ( Plus d'info...

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sharon bias 2
I wonder if the CDC has presented a list of acceptable cleaning products to the airlines? This sort of information would be helpful to share with the general public.
MatthewF 1
This is all I found: The subject is Updated Interim Guidance for Airlines and Airline Crew: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Let me know if this helps. If not, I would like them to release that too.
people will have to expect delays on their flights if they want thorough cleaning..i know from experience that when a flight comes to the gate and everyone is off, the idea is a quick turnaround for the next group,and the ground crews doe NOT sanitize,spray,wipe down each seat and area of the plane,nor do they put fresh pillows and blankets onboard...this corona virus issue will make for a much less speedy departure process,but it needs to be done..clean and sanitized or quick to depart..passengers will have to choose...
dval18 1
It looks however there won't be as many flights as before. The hard part will be finding the staff to do the sanitizing.
Larry Toler 1
I was flying back when SARS was the deal. As a f/a I was in charge of cleaning the cabin. Sometimes when my EMB145 would come out of the hangar to my gate it would be trashed. We didn't have much of a clean up crew at our KRIC crew base. I usually bought the wipes and Febreeze on my dime. Surprisingly, I only got sick while flying twice. The second time my wife took me to the VA to checked out. No SARS just a bad case of regular flu.

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