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A350-1000 demonstrates vision-based automatic take-off

Airbus has demonstrated a fully-automated A350-1000 take-off using a vision-based system which tracks the runway centreline and rotates the aircraft without side-stick input from the pilot. ( Plus d'info...

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Richard Fox 4
I gotta' say, this is a fantastic display of the technology. I know I say this a lot, but the future of aviation will not involve humans in the cockpit. Good on those who had your day - a ull career as a pilot, but please encourage your children into the fields engineering. I suppose if you can't fly em', design them, maintain them and improve them.
Have a good day folks,
Richard Fox.
airuphere 1
In terms of civil passenger aviation.. tell you grand children.. maybe great grandchildren..
Richard Fox 1
Highflyer1950 1
We are positioned in the middle of the technology era. Machines can't think or reason but are relegated to accomplish the task at hand. Pilots having not used their skills that got them hired in the first place, lose awareness. At this point in time, if a machine detects a non-existent aerodynamic issue (stall) the Technology will fly the aircraft right into the ground, we have already experienced this. Low overall experience doesn't help either when one set of gauges show take off thrust setting but nobody notices the other gauges at only 55% of takeoff thrust is being generated.......the pilot’s wait for Vr that finally arrives but the plane won’t fly as expected and they hit a bridge! When you pull back long enough on the stick eventually the a/c stops climbing, then it slows down, then it stalls (AF447) you've reached the WAT limit of the aircraft. In this case I wonder just what would have have happened if both pilots just let go of everything and observed?
Mike Webb 1
Clever technology, but, as a non-pilot, I worry about the "we should do it because we can do it" approach. Keep in mind that we still can't produce a completely reliable self-driving car yet. The claimed advantage is that this system frees up pilots for more important/demanding activities. What can be more important during takeoff than safe control of the aircraft? Why not let the pilot fly and the machinery alert if necessary? I'm not against progress, but, as a frequent pax, I want experienced, well paid, well rested humans flying my aeroplanes.
airuphere 1
This is still along way from humans out of the cockpit not to worry.. what if the tower ordered the aircraft to stop the roll and abort.. so who controls the plane? The controllers, a monitoring pilot on the ground? Monitoring pilot in the air? One of thousands of questions / moral decisions that need answers before any of this goes fully automated.
patrick baker 0
so unnecessary, for it makes pilots little more than a bump on a log, or at least the first little steps on that path. Pilots can use their skills to make smooth takeoffs, so i would not cede that power to a microchip, for no appreciable gain. Piloting skills need to be maintained and improved, and this misguided idea does neither. It is bad enough that pilots use the crutch of autopilot right after gear up, and all the way to outer marker. The Asiana crash at San Francisco gave a clue as to how that thinking can end up in a bad result because those guys did not know how to hand-fly their aircraft. Cat111 autoland is much more than an abstraction, but if a pilot cannot execute such an approach, he/she does not deserve the seat and is incomptetent to hold that seat.
linbb -3
Well with third world low time pilots not able to fly an AC without all electroics working here we go should help out with crashes if the puter fails.

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