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Will Boeing’s New CEO Of Commercial Airplanes Pursue The 797?

In recent news, Boeing has announced a change in senior leadership for its Commercial Airplanes division. Ousted CEO of the division, Kevin McAllister, will be giving up the role that he has filled for the last three years to Stan Deal. Prior to this move, Deal was the president and CEO of Boeing Global Services. With new leadership comes a potentially different strategy for success. So will the new CEO of Commercial Airplanes pursue the 797? ( Plus d'info...

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AviationScott 4
Between not launching the 797 and the MAX mess, at least Deal will know two things not to do now that he's inherited a total mess to clean up and then move forward again. Guess the clean sheet narrow aisle the airlines preferred might have been a better idea over going the cheap route!
What airlines? And why are we assuming a 797 wouldn't have crashed just like the reworked 737 did?

The only difference would be the mess would be a lot bigger and a lot more expensive. Well, that, and the internet would be saying "idiots shoulda stuck with a proven design like the airlines wanted"
AviationScott 3
Two different referenced issues here in that the B797 isn't connected to my MAX concerns expressed...rather just two issues together compounded have caused Boeing a lot of pain. I am aware the 797 is not the 737 replacement but rather the 757/767 answer.

I should have noted, I was anti-MAX since the program was launched and before aircraft #1 ever came down the Renton line. Like all "types", there is a limit to what you can do and it was widely discussed by the potential carriers as to whether or not the platform could undertake such drastic changes as were being proposed and still be a success in the market and quite arguably they weren't loud enough in expressing their support for a clean sheet. The aircraft was littered with potential issues which many were aware of and stacked on top of each other, it should never have been completed but Boeing was already in too far and would lose too much market share to stop, cancel, draft, design, and build the replacement for the 737. Clearly, now they wish now they had done just that.
Don Quixote 1
All that *is* a great installed, it will be for many years to come. Can't deny that.
AviationScott 2
I hope it is, truly. It's an unfortunate position which Boeing finds themselves today and such an iconic American brand. Lessons will be learned I am sure and those will have them come out of this better for it. The Wall Street tail cannot wag the dog in this industry, it never works.
Chris B 1
One step at a time. The 737 Max fix is becoming more realistic and real every day.
The 777x just got the engines back so testing can begin in earnest.

The 797 is going to be as much of a success as the 787 has proven to be. Few recall the battery problems of the 787 and its a popular aircraft with both Crew and passengers.
AviationScott 0
Boeing should also announce a change in their President and CEO!
So he can cash his huge check and work on his golf game? He's a figurehead, a centerpiece like a thanksgiving turkey. Can you really tell one thanksgiving turkey from the next?

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