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Swiss Grounds A220 Fleet

Airline Swiss grounds A220 fleet for engine checks ( More...

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Swiss Grounds Entire Airbus A220 Fleet Amid Engine Concerns

SWISS has grounded its entire fleet of Airbus A220 aircraft following a new incident that occurred earlier today. As a result, every flight due to be operated today by a SWISS Airbus A220 has been canceled. SWISS’s Airbus A220 engines are provided by Pratt And Whitney.
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FlightGlobal reported on Wednesday that Swiss had already started returning aircraft to service and expected them all to be back by Friday.
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SWISS Grounds 29 Airbus A220 Aircraft Amid Engine Troubles

SWISS has today had a significant day of disruption and cancellations in its operations following the grounding of all 29 Airbus A220 aircraft in its fleet.


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