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American Airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging plane denied bail over possible terrorist ties

A federal judge on Wednesday denied bail to a former American Airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging a jetliner in July over possible links to the Islamic State (ISIS). Prosecutors presented evidence that Alani -- a naturalized American citizen from Iraq -- has a brother with possible ties to ISIS and a history of statements wishing harm to non-Muslims. ( More...

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regardless of what the mans attorney said about him being an "experienced" mechanic who knew how his actions would affect the aircraft,he still committed a federal offense,which thank the lord,did not result in an accident or far as any ties to a terrorist group because of his brother, that remains to be litigated..he wil be tried by a judge and jury eventually, with the evidence question would be with regard to the actual vetting process used by american airlines in the hiring of personnel..they used to be very thorough and picky about who was selected for any postion..
Dale Ballok 3
...."so I'll just set a "little" fire in this apartment complex to get even with the owners, because I got evicted" RIGHT😩
Rick Musick 15
This guy was fired from Alaska Airlines back in the 90’s for being incompetent. The FAA should have revoked his license long ago.
Tobin Sparfeld 12
This story was reported a few weeks ago but there wasn't a terrorism angle. Cranky Flier has some of the details here:

It was also reported in the Miami Herald

Cranky Flier says the sabotage was serious "though not likely fatal," which seems to lend support to the idea (along with the accused mechanic's reported statement) that this had to do with the chronic problems between American Airlines and the mechanics union.

Now we see a possible terrorist connection? Crazy if true, but it seems less plausible if the attempted sabotage was not a fatal problem but would only cause a delay.

We'll have to see where this story leads, and I am sure government officials will want to re-examine their protocols to prevent sabotage as a terrorism tactic.
Tim Haight 1
If terrorist were smart in the first place they would find some other poor sucker to go blow himself and whatever up than doing it their self and dieing. Until someone comes up with a camera that will prove good person, bad person on demand, there is only one way to stop this, same as with kids, ok Jimmy plead in the pool, everyone out. People better wake up before Mohammed is standing on your porch yelling kill the infidels.
ken young -2
The solution is to get rid of the union.
Dale Ballok 7
What did the union have to do with this incident?
alex hidveghy 3
Um, how would that help or prevent what happened? It doesn’t.
Joe Ardagna 6
The flying public, screened to the hilt before boarding a plane. Roughly 2M passengers a day! Yet, somehow, Homeland Security/TSA/FAA allow the employment of a terrorist/sympathizer to work on the very planes we ride? How ironic! Seems like the “fox is in the chicken coop”.
Tim Haight 5
Welcome to America! Today you have to employ anything that stands on 2 legs, regardless of it makes the rest of the employees feel. Or for that matter how many dangerous possibilities it opens up.
Joe Ardagna 3
Because it is now a distorted, weaponized concept, Political Correctness will ultimately hurt/kill more people than it helps. Proper vetting, merit, common sense and the rule of law must always supersede any decision based on Political Correctness, period.
crk112 3
Sad but true
ADXbear 7
Crazyiness.. this guy looks like an old time spy mole.. how this guy got past the backgroung chrcks.. hmm. Who else might be out there..
ken young 6
This individual slipped through the cracks die to political correctness. Period.
God forbid his plot came to fruition.
Mike Mohle 5
Agreed. Also, what if this was a "trial" to see what could be accomplished later on a bigger scale? The 9-11 hijackers had done many "dry-runs" before their big day.
What a surprise! a Muslim wishing to kill Infidels. Allowing a Muslim anywhere near an airplane is a problematic situation. As a retired A.A. employee, I wonder why this guy made it through background checks. I expect that I will face admonishment for my position so go ahead with your shamings.
James Simms 0
It does since apparently he was working for both American & Alaska @ the same time from what I’ve read.
john kilcher 2
Ignorance is bliss,isn't it?
lyn williams 1
Harold Burton 2
Great aviator recognized the problem before takeoff. Maybe our training dept needs to include scenario in a sim period!
lyn williams 1
engine failure on takeoff....believe that one is pretty well covered.
DGR Rathborne 2
I took the time to read all the comments this morning . It's all about terrorists , Muslims and religion . One fellow recalled that Samuel Clements commented that Religion was the Opiate of the people . But when Sam wrote that about the US society , the religions he refered to could only be religions based on the Holy Bible . Protestant ,Chathollic , Baptist and the like . In the 1800s' the USA had no Outside influences . Only later , when immigration was relaxed did other Religions and Faiths came to the USA , and tensions rose . I think i will leave it at that ........OK .........DGR
Duane Mader 1
I’ll take people on opiates vs. people trying to kill me any day.
golfbum971 3
The plane would have been fine to fly...........hahhahahahahahahaha
Tim Haight 2
I'm sorry you can call me what ever you want to, but the so called Muslim religion should be outlawed by the entire world. It is nothing more than a terrorist organization. These people have been, and are, involved in every conflict on earth since before Christ was born. No god I can imagine would tell his children to kill anyone who didn't have the same religion as thay do, let alone innocent men, wemon and children. If over 2000 years of a track record isnt enough to prove it to you then you need to wake up.
Trump is right, we need a wall, just not across Mexico, it needs to be built around their sand box, and when it's done, round them up and put them back where they came from. The entire World is at WAR! And the peaceful people of the world didn't start it, but we sure need to finish it, once and for all.
So good for this Judge for doing whatever it takes to end this madness. I applaud his courage, and dedication to a free and peaceful world.
"No god I can imagine would tell his children to kill anyone who didn't have the same religion as thay do"

Please google The Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition. --Not that I'm a fan of Islam, I'm not a fan of religion in general, especially religious extremism in all forms. Plenty of religions have a long history of violence towards non-believers, including Christianity. The Holy Bible has plenty of examples of advocating violence towards unbelievers. We just need to grow up and move beyond religion and it's fairy tale ridiculousness.
Duane Mader 2
Haven’t seen Catholics engaged in any crusades for a few centuries. Haven’t heard of Buddhists, Hindus or Sikhs running trucks into crowds or wearing suicide vests. Evangelicals haven’t been committing genocides. Hmmm, wonder what ideology does those things...
lyn williams 2
Maybe we SHOULD have a new round of crusades. Everyone seems to have forgotten what that was all about.
waynej007 1
but "some people did something!"
Philip Lanum 1
@Duane Mader
Buddhists? Really? Does Myanmar not count? The Buddhists there have lead a genocide against Muslims for the last 20 or so years? I guess you don't pay attention to much do you.
Tim Haight -1
I'm sorry, are you included in the definition of "I" as it relates to its use in my comments? Your problum is that you havent taken off your blinders yet, the Muslim religion is the only one I can think of that after 2000 years is still to stupid to figure out Murder in any manner is wrong. People like you crack me up, your perfect but you cant even define a personal statement against a public policy. Get a life
john kilcher 3
Baloney. Please do some legitimate research.
Luis Rivera -2
The United States establishment need the terrorists no matter who they work for so they can keep alive war against terrorism. This is good for Boeing. Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, etc.....
Mark Weiser 1
Tim is correct, like all the PC faux pas we endure every day, we allow the obvious rancor and distaste displayed by an entire ethnic group to be ignored. I don't think banning the muslims is right either, but any one with a brain can see the "fleeing refugees, escaping death" in syria are all 18-25 year old young men with a hate for everything american, or anything that is not their ideology. Screw them, keep them out, check and check again and keep our side of the world safe. They want to eradicate each other over idiotic details in their own texts. Just plain stupidity.
I feel this story is NOT about unions, Muslims, or terrorists but about a disturbed individual who lacked peer review. I imagine him fuming in the break room and no one informed management. A mechanic who sabotages an airplane to pilots is like a mess cook who urinates in the soup. He should be locked up.
DGR Rathborne 1
Duane , I didn't mean Opiates , the drug . The term is to suggest , that their Biblical Religions belief structure , gives the Faithful a sense of great joy or happiness ., and it is not drug induced . Thats all i meant . ...DGR...
James Simms -2
Bury him up to his neck next to a read ant mound, smear honey over his head. Leave
Rich Pasco 2
Waste of good honey, the ants don’t need encouragement.
bentwing60 -5
send a Spam giftbox.
jet4ang 1
Ah yes, religion, the number one cause of all wars and created by man. I don't care what type it is, it has always caused thousands to die because of man made beliefs.
bentwing60 2
Samuel Clemens once wrote, "religion is the opiate of the masses". He also was quite conversant on dimocrats.
W B johnson 2
Amen, Brother, amen!
ravenshammer 1
More people have been killed in the name of socialism in the last century than all the "religious " wars combined.
Mike Mohle 1
Better tell Bernie!
undyingshadow 1
The comments here are a perfect example of why the internet shouldn’t have comment sections.
bentwing60 5
Then, why add to the clutter?
ravenshammer 1
At what point do we get to kick PC to the curb and start using common sense when it comes to these people? With what we have to go through to get on a flight, one of these clowns can get hired to fool with our planes without some sort of vetting? Crying out loud.
jmarler -4
Terrorism angle sounds like a stretch at best to me. They should spend their investigative efforts into determining if anyone at the union encouraged, or directly ordered, mechanics to sabotage planes. They should also put a closer eye to mechanical delays like this to determine if they are being caused by sabotage or genuine mechanical failures. At this point, I would rule all mechanical failure delays suspect if an AA mechanic was responsible for servicing the aircraft.
Duane Mader 2
Yep, “history of statements wishing harm to non-Muslims”, ISIS murder videos on is phone, no way it could be terrorism.
Tim Haight 1
Think you may have misread this, the jurk said he did it because the union wasn't doing anything to ratify the agreement.

But in this day and age terrorist groups will do anything to kill you and your family if your one of the infidels.
jmarler -1
He wouldn't lie to protect the union would he? I guess you're right. No need to investigate. Must be a terrorist.
Tim Haight 1
It needs to be investigated for sure, it's just sad but true that a very large percentage of this religion are out for blood of some sort because their bible tells them to. This is another reason I and it appears a lot of others have issues continuing to allow them into our peace based society. If your Muslim and you believe and live your life according to your bible I.E the Koran then stay home we have no place for you.


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