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Emirates retires first two Airbus A380

Dubai, UAE - Emirates Airlines has retired its first Airbus A380 aircraft. Two superjumbos from the airline's fleet are stored at Al Maktoum Airport, where they will be dismantled to deliver spare parts for the rest of the fleet. More A380s will follow in the coming years. ( Plus d'info...

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djames225 3
I wonder if 1 of the retirees is the unit that fell off the jackstands.
william baker 1
I was thinking that myself Rapid.
william baker 1
Also a year ago Emirates wanted more A380s and wanted Airbus to build an A380Neo and now they are starting to get rid of them lol.
Norman West 4
Tim Clark is in trouble with costly A380s and looks for someone to blame for his bleeding airline.

Norman West 2
Winter is coming for inflated Gulf carriers, except Qatar Airways. CEO Al-Baker is a smart businessman.
matt jensen 1
Keep the jets, retire Clark instead.
djames225 1
They have more yet to be should have been designated E380 since it seems Emirates was the only airline who "fell in love" with the beast.
canuck44 1
Their business model is at risk from airlines flying point to point. Work has halted on the new airport and he is now looking at twins. They have not exactly rushed at picking up more 380's

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