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Southwest Sees 737 Max Getting Regulatory Approval in November

Bloomberg) -- Southwest Airlines Co., the largest operator of Boeing Co.’s 737 Max, expects regulators will certify the grounded jet to resume flight before Thanksgiving in the U.S., clearing the way for much-needed new deliveries by year’s end. ( Plus d'info...

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James Boerman 3
Max will be flying in the U.S. by Thanksgiving, regardless of other regulators. I can't wait to fly on one!

Wolfgang Lau 1
Sad situation because of incompetent pilots. There has been a mandatory memory procedure for unintentional (runaway) electrical trim since the first 737 came into service in 1966. Rather like having a tire blowout in a car because of road FOD or potholes. Maintain control, slowdown and pull over. Now someone has a blowout because of a defective tire and it's "I don't know what to do, I guess I will just drive into a tree"! Just plain stupid. One Lion Air crew handled the situation with no problem. The next crashed. The difference, the flight crew PERIOD! Soutwest has more experience/flight time with the MAX then the entire rest of the industry with no problems. Grounded thanks to politicians, Airbus cheerleaders and the peanut gallery. My opinion but then I am a 28,000+ hr ATP B727 B737 Check Airman.
tom treutlein 1
i agree completely Wolfgang
mkeflyer 0
Nope, not this year. Maybe commercial service by July. The FAA won't recertify without CAA approval. But once the airplane is said to be safe, again, then the airlines and unions have their fight to go through. Pilots want real time in the sim for training on this airplane which will take a lot of time. Once that is operational it will all be handed to the Public Relations departments of the airlines to win over passengers again to believe they will live when flying on the MAX.
Robert Burns 0
I'm not an aviator, but I will have real pause about flying on this plane - in fact I won't fly on it by choice, until it's had many Months of safe operation - why take the chance that Boeing didn't get it right, again?
Mary Bows 0
All I want is for sweat to debit my credit card for a flight THEY cancelled on me on the MAX in March. I paid full price no bargain price.

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