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Delta considers order for up to 200 new planes

Delta Air Lines Inc. is considering an order for as many as 200 jets — possibly with options for 200 more — to replace the aging fleet it uses for domestic flying. Delta said it asked "several major a . . . ( Plus d'info...

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Allan Cook 0
Airplane manfrs have no chance of making money on these big orders but the spare part business should be good.

I wonder how many planes are flying around that are 20 years old or more ...I've never had a car that is twenty years old ..I know if I had I would have to look after it with some serious tender loving care.
David F. Franks 0
Please buy Boeing aircraft.
Devin Beckes 0
I echo franksd2 comment, Boeing!
David Mongroo 0
Its not about being patriot about the issue but it the best aircraft suited for the airline that particular time
Chris Bryant 0
I don't really care whose aircraft they get (the new Airbus ones are nice too), but I'll be happy to see the DC-9/MD-80 fleet go away.
RiSK 0
Likely not, Allan, but what's important than seeing as manufacture's profits rise is the fact that a 200+ aircraft order will keep thousands of people employed for years to come.
Justin Brown 0
I vote embrear or however you spell it. They make one comfortable aircraft from a passenger perspective.

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