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United Airlines cancels all 737 Max flights through early July

United Airlines has extended cancellations of the Boeing 737 Max through early July, following similar moves by other major airlines coping with the jet’s prolonged grounding. American Airlines said Sunday it will cancel all Max flights through Aug. 19. On Friday, Southwest Airlines removed the Max jet from its schedule through Aug. 5. United had previously cancelled Max flights through June 5. The widespread cancellations come after the Max’s anti-stall software was implicated in two fatal… ( Plus d'info...

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Larry White 1
Could this be the demise and/or downfall of Boeing?? I doubt it. Surely some people are going to be on the guillotine, fired, demoted, or otherwise disappear. Not just at Boeing,, FAA, NTSB, etc. Does Boeing actually manufacture the suspected system or is it contracted out and Boeing just designs(sp) it? I've been researching this and haven't come up with anything fer sure. We won't actually know for maybe another year, when the final report is released. Has everyone checked the grease in your Kreuger flaps lately. (:-) CAVU here in Arlington, Tx.
JetMech24 1
MCAS is just a added function to the FCC's (Flight Control Computer), which has been made by Honeywell for decades. I"m sure it was a collaboration of both companies engineering teams to design and implement the new MCAS system.
Larry Marting 1
Yes, I think Boeing makes the entire system. At least they are responsible for it. Whether or not they contracted it out, they sold the airplane and represented it as safe.
Kobe Hunte 0
Airbus must be smiling... with all of this going on, Boeing has slowed down their production. Now Airbus is taking advantage of it. Almost every week, there is more orders for Airbus planes.
boeing definitely has a problem, but they have been around for many years,so I dont think they will totally far as the airlines,they have had many schedule changes with additions,deletions,mergers and the like, so rest assured they will also figure out what will work for them with the latest "air turbulence"!
milehighou 1
Personally, I think Boeing needs to redesign the whole plane instead sticking with this jerry-rigged MAX version. The aircraft should be inherently stable without the need for software that takes over and flies it into the ground. They should've done this from the beginning, but sounds like they were in a big rush to get it to market. Also, offering that second AOA sensor as an option (instead of standard) was despicable. As usual, it all boils down to $$$. Pretty sad.
Paul Bern 0
Is anyone talking about the Airbus A321 that almost crashed out of New York? Seems to me that this should be an issue as well. Why isn't American Airlines grounding their Airbus'? In my view the Boeing 737 MAX is safe and requires pilots to fly them - not computer gamers.

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