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Airline Pilot Used Fake License for 25 Years, Exposed After Taking ‘Strange Turns’ Over Swiss Alps

Star Alliance member and United Airlines partner South African Airways is promising to check the licenses of all of its pilots — and obtain copies from a government regulator instead of pilots just bringing in copies themselves — after discovering that one of their veteran long haul pilots had been using a forged license for 25 years. ( Plus d'info...

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Highflyer1950 4
Funny that he had the same licence that he was hired with! So he passed all the check rides and medicals and he eventually forged an ATPL out of a CPL. Documentation fraud for sure, but he was legal. Hell, in the USA you don’t even need a type rating to sit in the right seat, as far as I can remember.......but I am aging!
sharon bias 6
Can't even begin to count the ways this went unnoticed for 25 years.
btweston 1
I don’t think that expression means what you think it means.
sharon bias 1
Can you point me in a direction to look up what that statement means? If I'm using it incorrectly I'd like to know....Thank you.
Mike Mohle 1
I get it, Sharon!

bbabis 2
Strange turns after encountering turbulence over the Alps. That doesn't sound like it should trigger an investigation. More details on what caused the investigation would be nice.
Not saying its ok but did he pass all check rides to fly that plane over all those years?
Wow, Imagine that. The plane never knew he didn't have the right piece of paper.

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