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Qantas prepares to place mega orders for new planes from Boeing and Airbus

Sydney - By the end of this year, Qantas will announce its choice between the Airbus A320neo and the Boeing 737 MAX to replace its 75 Boeing 737s as well as for Boeing 777-8 or Airbus A350-1000 on its upcoming ultra-long-range routes. ( Plus d'info...

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Danish Nelson 5
It would make sense to go with the 737 MAX. There would be a lot of work that would need to be done to introduce a new airplane (being the A320neo) into their fleet.

Also, being biased, they have a wonderful history with Boeing. Seeing how British Airways just made an order for the 777X to replace its fleet of aging 747's, Qantas could pursue the same ideology in its fleet too.
jeff slack 8
QANTAS was once an all Boeing airline.
I would like to see them return to that status.
Not only was QANTAS an all Boeing airline, for 7 years it was an all B747 airline. That was back in the days before Airbus was even formed and when DC-10s were falling from the skies (although one airline did program the navigation computer of its DC-10 to fly into an extinct volcano). QANTAS' Chief Pilot appeared on national television to answer the question as to how the airline would be affected if a similar situation was to occur with the 747. The Pilot looked at the interviewer with a puzzled expression on his face and replied: "But, it's a Boeing": end of argument. When truck driver Peter Abeles took over Ansett, one of the first changes he made was to replace the airlines DC-9s with B737s. Australia's national capital is nearly 2000ft AMSL and surrounded by hills. Peter's argument was: you do not have to offload 30 passengers off a Boeing to get it safely out of Canberra on a hot afternoon.

I have flown A320s, A330s and A380s and not only would I like to see QANTAS all Boeing again, I would like them to put the wings back on the kangaroo. And one change: replace its CEO with a career pilot like in the Ritchie Era.
btweston -2
Well, I mean, Boeing doesn’t program navigation systems and Boeing doesn’t build engines. So... What are you talking about?
Agreed: reprogramming the way-points in the aircraft Inertial Navigation System and not advising the Captain, one would expect would be more likely to ground the airline rather than the aircraft type, which is why I tried to separate it as an exception.
Also, I could say that wings and not engines produce lift but that would not be as helpful as saying that both the Douglas Corporation and the Boeing Airplane Company designed the DC-9 and the B737-200 to use the same number, manufacturer and model of engines.
Anton1 -5
Not since Airbus took over the helm in making better planes (equally childish as below, couldn't resist to respond to that Boeing nostalgia nonsense.
Bryan Achey 1
Are you an Airbus salesperson? How is the A320neo better than a 737 Max 8? How is an A330neo better than an 787-9? Long term manufacture and customer relationships play a role in many airplane purchase decisions.
paul gilpin -1
valid questions all three. and you contradict the intent of all three with your last statement.
now here's a question for you.
when did lawfare become a design criteria of aviation?
btweston -2
Are you unable to comprehend what Anton actually wrote?

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