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Government shutdown cost Southwest Airlines $60 million

Southwest Airlines lost $60 million because of the government shutdown, the company said Wednesday. That's far more than its original estimate of $10 to $15 million in losses, and it adds to a litany of recent problems for the airline. On Tuesday, maintenance problems forced the airline to cancel 191 flights, or about 4% of its operation, according to data from FlightAware. The airline said more than 40 planes had maintenance issues, which is twice the daily average. The mechanical issues… ( Plus d'info...

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msongy 4
I didn't see anywhere in the story where it said how the $60 million loss was the governments fault.
dnorthern 3
The article was long on accusation and short on proof. Somehow, it sounds like the shutdown is a scapegoat for operational issues.
sharon bias 1
Airlines keep great statistics, so I'm sure they know how many tickets are usually paid for by government agencies but weren't bought during the shutdown, and how much capacity dropped at key airports like Baltimore. But there's still going to be a margin of error. To not provide that key part of information makes the figures suspect.
The delays to the start of SWA’s service to Hawaii has more to do with the 5% fall in stock price than baggage weight or mechanics.
anytime an airline has to keep planes grounded,whether its for a mechanical issue or weather or something else,they lose money..the business is transportation..southwest is coming into the "new age" of flying with the big boys and they are discovering they have the same issues as the others,from faa mandates,to ticket sales,to air emergencies,to a shortage of faa atc at many airports during a would be of interest to see the $60 million figure broken down into categories to see the hows and whys and wheres of this very large sum...
nashcat 1
Who's actually seen any evidence of SWA's press release, official interview, or any other reporting on this claim by any source other than the network of fake noose that hates on this administration minute by minute, 24/7/365?
Cansojr 1
Last week I said your econony would lose around 5 billion dollars, it didn't it lost closer to 7 billion so thumbs down on me. HA!

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