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Airbus open to developing larger version of A220

Airbus is "likely" to develop a larger derivative of its A220 in the coming years ( Plus d'info...

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An entirely logical step, like the BAe 146-100 to -200 to -300, the A330-200 to -300, the A340-200/300/500/600, the 737-100 to -900 (over time and generations), the 777-200 to -300 and the 767-200 to -300 to -400.

When you have a winning formula, it makes sense to sweat the assets. Roll on Mirabel, Mobile and Belfast!
Cansojr 1
A winning formula that fell in your lap from BomBombardiers woes. At least this beautiful aircraft gets to fly no matter the American B.S.
Well, let us be charitable in this. Perhaps Boeing are now rueing the "law of unintended consequences"? But I do agree - a beautiful aircraft showing the best aspects of globalisation.
Cansojr 1
This likely would have been the C-Series 500 planned originally by Bombardier. Airbus received the combination to the vault. Everything had already been done they just had to assemble the plans.
Andrew Heenan 0
... and pay for it ;-)

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