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Inquiry reveals blunders behind 777F's 100t weight error

Investigators have disclosed that a 100t weight error led the tail-strike protection mechanism to activate on an Air France Boeing 777F, spurring the crew to commanded full take-off thrust. Take-off parameters for the aircraft (F-GUOC) had been calculated using a weight of 243t rather than the actual figure of 343t, says French investigation authority BEA in its findings from the 22 May 2015 incident. ( Plus d'info...

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ian mcdonell 3
The sooner we go back to full power take off instead of trying to save a few cups of fuel the better - take human or computer error out of the equation
bentwing60 3
The assumed temperature takeoff thrust settings are more about prolonging engine life than fuel conservation ian. And if they could make that gross an operational error they could have been off by 150T's and 50 over gross and MTO thrust would not have mattered.
Highflyer1950 3
The “lais-sez faire” attitude shows exactly why augmented crew are an important part of the Take-off and Departure briefing. I get that the new electonic flight bag entry and computed info is super accurate but it doesn’t a damn thing if you can input garbage data? What happened to “expected” data for a planned flight. To have all four monkeys muck up by an error of 100T means absolutely nobody was paying attention. Trip to the Chief Pilot’s office should result in the FO’s furloughed for a month without pay and the Captain gets to wear three bars for 3 months!
Cansojr 0
That most certainly get their attention and pocket books for this error. The layed back attitude of the captain is likely going to kill some innocent passengers. Highffflyer1950 is spot on in his analysis. Stupidity causes accidents and harms the industry through incompetence.
Darryl Lyons 2
I calculated weight and balance for 20 years for a major Canadian Airline. Why were the crew doing the final calculations at all. We would supply the final W & B info via data link giving the crew GTO, ZFW and C of G. It also sounds like Air France should take CRM more seriously. Didn't they have this problem once before??
Allan Bowman 1
Air France - pilots can't recognize or deal with a stall, can't enter weights correctly. Mon-Dieu!
patrick baker 1
before the perfection of automation, electronic bags and the like, pilots had to add, subtract, devide and use their brains a bit.
Highflyer1950 3
True enough. However, even after using all the greatest electronic automation, we used to receive a computor print out of the flight log routing, w/x data, fuel burns, wind shear etc! The visial comparison between expected numbers and inputed numbers still should be cross checked by both crew and verified. Basic Operating Weight plus cargo plus fuel gets you GTOW. 100T differential should mean no cargo or no fuel, I mean there’s a question to be answered here and that’s what you get paid for?
Bob Keeping 1
Non flying crew DID notice the error but still said nothing - when will we learn that ego does not trump saffety

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