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Police recovered a damaged drone close to Gatwick Airport

Sussex Police Detective Chief Superintendent Jason Tingley has told officers recovered a “damaged drone” close to Gatwick Airport on Saturday. The drone is being forensically examined. ( Plus d'info...

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ian mcdonell 1
Gee - on last night's Australian news police said there was no drone attack - it never happened despite video showing it
belzybob 1
I've yet to see any reliable video or photographic evidence, which is what I believe the police detective also said.
william baker 1
Sorry I was shopping for a christmas present and my drone crashed. My bad and two I didn’t realize that I was in restricted airspace officer lol.
Mephistopheles 1
Free to download - Defence IQ Has Just Released It's Global Drone Threat Map - Get It!
Daniel Turmel 1
Was it paranoia or a scam(fake news) to encourage governments to restrict the use
of drones ? Maybe both...
As the result, many countries already announced "strict measures" and Gatwick
authorities just proved that they really need help and expertise..! Amateurs..!

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