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2 Teens(14 and 15 Year old) Arrested For Stealing Cessna plane and Flying it Around Utah

Two teens were arrested near an airport after investigators say they stole a small plane from a private airstrip in Uintah County and landed it at Vernal Regional Airport Thursday, authorities said. Uintah County Sheriff's officials said the teen boys, a 14-year-old and 15-year-old, had left a group home somewhere in the Wasatch Front area earlier this week and had been staying with friends in the Jensen area. ( Plus d'info...

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Ray Zimmermann 1
What kind of Cessna is that?
william baker 1
The kind with wings that can fly. Lol sorry. This is where flight sim x probably came in. Taught them how to fly and land. Just glad they weren’t hurt but I’m sure there in a lot of trouble.
Cansojr 1
There may be truth in the rumour that flight simulators on home PC's.PC' s can teach people with correct skills to clamber into the sky. About 3 years ago a young man taught himself how to fly. He flew all over Washington, British Columbia. From there, he went on a stealing spree of light singles. Eventually he made it to Bermuda before being arrested by the local Constabulary until he was turned over to US MARSHALS. Recently a young man from the North West stole a DASH-Q-400 from Frontier Aviation. He actually did a role in the twin! He eventually crashed, sadly he was suicidal. Fortunately it did not turn into a German Wings where the pilot killed about 170 passengers and crew. He Captain was locked from the cockpit. This is where anti-piracy precautions must be reconsidered for the land and ground. Just get a boot then secure it to the aircraft to it.

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