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Ryanair Airlines Call Police to Deal With 6ft 2in Passenger After Denying Him Extra Legroom He’d Paid For

Ryanair has vowed to be nicer to its passengers. But one man has discovered the budget airline still has a mean streak. After being denied a seat with extra legroom that he had paid £20 for, Bob Hamilton asked cabin crew to waive his £17 drinks bill to make up for it. But the airline staff instead summoned the police when the plane landed to force him to pay up. ( Plus d'info...

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Chris B 9
As much as we may dislike many US based airlines, Ryanair succeeds in reaching a far higher level of passenger dislike.

Jos Gysenbergs 3
Some 20 years ago, a Ryanair employee at check-in tried to bump me off the flight because of a 100 gr excess luggage. After I removed a book from my bag, he said "That's not allowed". Not funny and I never flew Ryanair again.
patrick baker 3
the contempt for its customers runs deep throughout this frankenstein of an airline, so to speak. This is the latest in the long historical line - the next one will be unusual but similar in intent. The company ought to consider a name change: The Irish Hairshirt Airline-
David Lloyd 4
Why do people still fly this airline? You get what you pay for but Ryanair are fraudsters and should be punished for their behaviour.
In this case, he didn't get what he paid for :P
As long as people queue up to buy the marginal services at the low prices, this sort of experience will continue; the race to the bottom continues. It is obviously a "winning" business model.

If you pay crap prices, expect sometime to get crap service and services. You will gather that I do not use Ryanair.

"You gets wot you pays for"
If I paid €48 for a seat and an extra €10 for "que jump" and €15 for one of the seats in the first 5 rows of the plane, I'd damn well expect to be able to get on the plane from a different que, and be sat in one of the first 5 rows of the plane. or a refund if that became impossible for the airline to accomplish for some reason. (I wouldn't demand a refund for being 4 or 5 hours late though and having to pay extra for luggage if my bag weighed 7.001kg for instance, in that context).
Hi! Why do people still fly by this airline, they get what they paid for. Pls fly by serious airlines
Rosemary May 1
Dreadful airline would never fly with them money grabbing nasty airline
Nick M 0
Slightly misleading. He refused to pay for products he consumed on the plane, that's theft. The issue he had with the seat is entirely separate. Actually, he was being naive to be so insistent upon a refund of £20 as that is the smallest part of this, they could have caused him considerable back-pain, he had a contract with them for the extra room and indeed regardless if a there was a member of staff travelling - they could have taken an ordinary seat.

To those touting all the "you get what you paid for" - he did pay for it! Ryanair operates as a buy each and every little thing you require. That said, they do have serious issues with fulfilling what they contractually sell and with staff training. If I go into a cheap cafe the food might be less fancy but just because it is cheaper I would not expect food poisoning!
linbb 0
So he was 6/2 am 6/0 the leg room was the deal size does not matter.

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