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Russian airport worker dies, 18 hurt in plane crash

MOSCOW — Russia's transportation minister says a supervisor at Sochi airport has died during an emergency response after a landing plane careered off the end of the runway into a riverbed and caught fire. The health ministry says 18 people were injured in the accident, which occurred about 3 a.m. (0000 GMT) as the Utair-operated Boeing 737 from Moscow, carrying 164 passengers and six crew members, was landing. The airport said the fire was extinguished within eight minutes. Transportation… ( Plus d'info...

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Carl Smeraldi 8
Fire these stupid pilots for even attempting to land in severe thunderstorms and almost killing all on board either hold or divert period that’s the rule from B747/777/757/L1011 pilot worldwide 25 years.
rugomol 8
The problem in the management of Russian low-cost airlines. They force the captain to take risks.
kutsev 2
For now the company's logo painted over :

no one surprised, that's russia
bartmiller 1
From the article: "There were no deaths reported among the 164 passengers and six crew members aboard the Utair Boeing 737, but the Russian health ministry said 18 people were injured."

We have to be impressed with the way these planes are built. You can stop pilots from crashing them, but seems that you can build them solid enough to help keep people alive.
Agreed Carl!

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