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FAA broadens CFM56 inspection requirements with new AD

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a new airworthiness directive (AD) requiring inspections of more CFM International CFM56-7B engines, including ongoing inspections. ( More...

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What about the new nacelle inlets totally separating on both of the Southwest uncontained events? I've seen many of the hamster mouth inlets survive fan blade separations without disappearing--will this be looked at?
Ken Hardy 2
Just a matter of time till they include other dash numbers
glwood2 2
It was a CONTAINED failure. Nacelle shearing is not an uncontained failure.
My mistake; apologies. Any thoughts about the new-design nacelle shearing?
sparkie624 0
I think it is a good thing that they were not over top a crowd of people when it landed in the field!
sparkie624 2
I knew they were going to act swiftly, but wow.. this is incredible... Glad they got it out.
Randy Shereda 1
Not sure how long such an inspection would take, but if you do the math - it comes out to over 16 aircraft per day that have to be inspected within the 113-day time frame


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