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ADS-B Will Bring Reckoning to Preowned Bizjet Market

With the U.S. ADS-B Out compliance deadline looming, “we’re about 18 months from a significant reckoning in the preowned business jet market due to obsolescence,” Mesinger Jet Sales president and CEO Jay Mesinger said this morning at the NBAA Business Aircraft Finance, Registration, and Legal Conference in Fort Myers, Florida. According to co-presenter JetNet iQ managing director Rolland Vincent, U.S. operators of 13,425 business jets—one-third of the in-service fleet—currently have no ADS-B… ( Plus d'info...

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sparkie624 5
It is a very expensive upgrade, but is necessary... The problem really is not the boxes themselves, but the cost of the STC to have it installed. - In a long run it will help the manufacturers of new jets, but may kill or greatly hinder the used market.... At least for a while to come.
I love having my own aircraft compliant (and then some). The sheer amount of information available at my fingertips now would have blown my mind when I first started learning to fly on my own.
shrudini 2
This was your 1,000th squawk!
Daniel Baker 2
Wow! Good catch.
shrudini 0
My first squawk was posted about three months ago and i have 432. I hope to get to 1,000 in the coming months.
joel wiley 2
I hope the other 562 are all as succinct and pertinent as Mr. Baker's 1000.
sparkie624 2
WOW.. Nice...
shrudini 1
I want to see 1,000 photos next!
geharper 2
I am reading that non TCAS II aircraft can be upgraded to ADS-B out for 85,000. In the scope of things, that doesn't seem a significant expense to keep them flying. (Part 25 ADS-B AML STC for ADS-B Out/In for non-TCAS II Beechjet, Citation, Hawker, Learjet, and Falcon Jet aircraft.) Seems like that would make a significant dent in the problem.
jptq63 2
Wonder, what is the minimum output transmitting power for an ADS-B transmitter? I tried a little searching but unsuccessful. From an electronics hardware perspective, does not seem like significant cost relative to an aircraft expense; think mass produced cell phones as a comparison or public safety radios.

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