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Southwest's Keller Wants a Re-Engined B737

Dow Jones on Thursday quoted Southwest Airlines Chief Executive Gary Kelly saying he wants Boeing to re-engine the 737 and saying the issue might lead the all-737 airline to look at other options. ( Plus d'info...

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Murray McKinley 0
After riding across the pond twice, Atlanta to Amsterdam and back on a ScareBus A340 all I can say is "If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going". The seat arrangement on KLM's A340's is the pits when compared to Southwest's 737. One airplane, one type rating fleet is about the best idea I have seen in commercial aviation.
joe riehl 0
Is Keller a hybrid of Kelleher and Kelly?
Joseph Laspina 0
IF SW had bought all the fuel savings available as they purchased each airplane....just think....
And they pay Big Bucks for Muckups.
john smethurst 0
Murray! You are confused...KLM has never flown A340's. However KLM/Delta do have a fleet of A330's. Agreed they are pretty much identical to look at bar the engine arrangement. As far as type ratings go...Airbus as usual are ahead of the game with a generic one licence flies all models. Think of the flexiblity that gives an airline.....

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