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JetBlue Defends Bombardier in Spat With Boeing

New York's JetBlue Airways has rallied behind Bombardier in the Canadian airframer's trade dispute with Boeing, as the airline continues to evaluate the CSeries for its fleet. ( Plus d'info...

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David Stark 7
Must be something in the air or water in Washington state. First Microsoft, now Boeing, pressuring customers and the government in order to suppress competition, instead of producing a superior product.

There was quite a bit of wildfire smoke recently!
I agree and support Jet Blue's action and feel this is ill-advised, unjust and unwarranted move by the US and Boeing against Bombardier. Shades of the Avro CF-105 Arrow from the 50's?
canuck44 4
JetBlue has two vested interests in this issue. It needs to acquire aircraft in this size range and removing the C-series it will decrease choice and increase price. The second issue is they are being excluded from lower operating costs.
Les Ede 6
In my opinion boeing is a big cry baby who thinks everything that flies should be theirs... They cried because they didn't get the tanker for the Air Force until they got it and then screwed it up and its not on schedule.. they are screwing the state of Washington out of lots of tax money.... In my esteemed opinion boeing is a sh-- company..
patrick baker 3
as an international commercial citizen, boeing seems to be overlooking its manners whilst making a silly claim. They need to look at their own history, and government subsidies are central to what they have become. If boeing wants to eradicate any bombardier aircraft, they must do so by making a superior one and selling it on the open market. Anything boeing makes is subject to examination for American governmental subsidies.
John Mooney 5
It would appear the ghost of the Avro CF-105 debacle rears its ugly head in this disgraceful behavior by Boeing,Airbus must be watching this farrago with intense interest,stormy skies ahead perhaps?
Vaughn Blue Jr 5
I don't know why Boeing is in such a twit. They don't make 100-seat planes like the CJ100. So why should they care? That's like Chik-fil-A complaining because McDonald's is making hamburgers when CFA only has chicken...not beef! I could understand it better if it was a 737, etc knock-off. Boeing should quit whining!
gerardo godoy 4
Boing should be fined severely!!!!!
matt jensen 6
No, we'll just slap a 440% tariff on them
Gerry Klappe 2
I understand that Boeing themselves were granted millions upon millions in grants from their government. On top of that they never put in a bid for the contract of these airplanes.
Les Ede 4
boeing is nothing more in my opinion than a thug.... it cried when it had to compete with airbus for the Air Force tanker and it is past due.... they are screwing Washington out of tax money.... in my opiunion boeing is a sh-- company
Not sure that it is necessary but rather drop to whole mess!

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