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Turkish Airlines in Talks With Boeing to Order Eight 747-8Is

Turkish Airlines (THY) is reported to have initiated talks with the U.S. aerospace company Boeing for the purchase of eight 747-8i, also known as the Super Jumbo Jet. ( Plus d'info...

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Fred J. 5
Long live Turkish Airlines and the Queen of the Skies!!! I'll fly to Europe via Turkey from my Brazil is it is needed to keep the 747 alive!!!
William Balch 0
Joseph Cooney 4
Good news for Boeing. Didn't realize this model had been festering since 2008.
Sergio Khayat 4
Long live to the most beautiful queen of the skies!!! Every time I see this kind of news it makes me feel happy,knowing my kids will see it flying in many, many years from now.
Chris Janssen 2
Maybe they will cancel this order for some Russian planes....
Richard Klima 3
The logic of Turkish sounds reasonable. As noted, they must be getting a very good deal.
James Simms 2
Good deal !!!
terry gersdorf 2
I'll go out of my way to fly THY
Truly excellent news! I'm glad we'll see new 747-8i's continue to "come off of the line."
Peter Smith 1
Check the date it was published: July of '17. Cheap click bait, for shame Flightaware!!

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