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IT'S WAR: United Airlines President Slams Frontier After $39 Ticket Announcement and Vows 'United Will Win'

On Wednesday, United Airlines president Scott Kirby weighed in on Frontier Airlines' plan to double the number of its routes and return to a network business model. ( Plus d'info...

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Andre Vanha 10
This is just United FUD. Frontier has been routing passengers through Denver since they started. I flew into DEN last weekend. We were delayed in deplaning for 45 minutes because our gate was occupied by an aircraft with a mechanical issue. There were plenty of connecting passengers who received information about, and help getting to, their connecting flights. I believe some flights waited a bit to pick these passengers up. It's not like Frontier is going to doing anything new, just increasing the scope.

At the end of the day, if you're flying in the cattle car section, there really isn't much of a difference between Frontier and United. You're going to be crammed and uncomfortable. I can deal with it on short flights. On longer flights, I'd rather fly with anyone but United anyway, based on my experience.
jagerardi 8
"IT'S WAR: United Airlines President Slams Frontier...and Vows 'United Will Win'"

And they have the proof: they've won every fistfight with passengers so far!

James Simms 2
LOL 😁😜
Dolores Allee 6
I have traveled all over the world on many different airlines over the years and my last 2 flights on UNITED ? The flight attendants looked like they hated us and hated their jobs ! On my 8.5 hour flight last December from Frankfort, Germany to Syracuse NY, the flight attendants NEVER offered water once, which I believe is standard practice for long hauls, when I went back to service area , I asked for water, was pointed to little bottles on the counter and when I asked for ice ? I was told they didn't have any !Lunch was slammed down on my tray with ,what do you want to drink ? It's a good thing we arrived at JFK, because I was on the verge of a meltdown and probably would have been in custody of the police. I will NOT fly UNITED again, not domestically or Internationally.... the cattle car environment is just that, and it cam make you feel better if the attendants treat you nice ! and I am not a WHINER.... but the friendly skies are becoming a lost memory of the past, when water and peanuts were free, and at least they smiled at you and looked like they cared
toolguy105 6
If United wants to win this battle they are going to need to ramp up there customer service starting at the check-in counters and carry through all the way to destination. Right now on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being excellent United rates maybe 3 overall. Anyone who has contact with guests cannot be having a bad day. They must smile, greet the guest and be helpful and fully knowledgeable of ticketing, baggage services and similar services at destinations United serves.

Conflict resolution by all including flight attendant is a must. United has failed at this in spectacular fashion of late. Flight attendants should not just throw up their hands when their is a problem and they are still at the gate. If they cannot resolve the issue they need to call the gate agent. A plane should never leave the gate with unresolved issues.
Guest?? You are a passenger/customer....but you sure aren't a guest!!!
DaveRK 10
LOL What's Untied airlines going to do?
Have Frontier pulled out of the concourse and beaten by security guards? :)
Maybe they could berate and shame their customers for paying so little as they enter the aircraft. Who needs customers anyhow.
leon tallman 5
I think united is missing something im not ride them if it was free
Ric Wernicke 4
When United became an International Airline, they started with "Royal Pacific Service." It was pretty good for about a year, then began a slow decent to "Royal Pain Service" available on United flights now.

I need to go transcon next week and ignored cheap tickets on United in favor of Delta for a larger seat with a comfortable pitch, better service in the air, on the ground and in the lounge. Let's face it the Red Carpet Club name has changed to the Worn Carpet Club and service is better at the DMV.

A $39 ticket will make money in the long run because it will bring people into tent, and when they see better service than "their usual" they will come back for more.
Andre Vanha 1
I've been pleasantly surprised by Delta. I flew Delta SEA-PVG, and thought the seat comfort and service was pretty good. Certainly more comfortable than United's HKG-ORD the year before.
209flyboy 4
I have directed all my 250 traveling sales employees to avoid United and Frontier. The 'bean counters' have taken these airlines over and when that happens only the bottom line counts.
n9341c 1
Yes and when it's the bottom line that counts, that's really bad, isn't it? Umm, yeah. You must be in sales.
A price war that nobody wins, sounds like a good idea to me :)
phil gibson 6
I'm rooting for Frontier!!!
The arrogance of United and its President should be an embarrassment to the United family....
scott8733 3
At least this is better than Kirby pulling a 3411 on Frontier.
sheila burke 4
Frontier will win. Period.
phil gibson 2
Alan Brown 2
United used to be a bit more subtle about it than this. In the early 1980s they had a program called "TORQUE" against Continental. TORQUE stood for "Try Our Real Quality United Experience" and the sales agents would try to lure Continental passengers right off of their concourse with a better flight and no change in cost.
houseofgold 5
In those days paper tickets holders could be lured, now with electronic, customers have no options and are at the mercy of the ticket agents
mtpiper 1
Did you ever see the back side of the TORQUE lapel pins? It was the image of a Continental tail logo with a large screw through the middle.
matt jensen 1
Yep, UAL will go broke winning. Good riddance
James Colby -5
Goodness gracious. The choir whining about United again. I would remind the choir that in the good old days of the "old United," the airline was in bankruptcy court more times than I can recall. Fly Frontier over United; no thanks.

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