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Investigation finds chaotic evacuation from fiery American flight

Because the Boeing 767-300 was full of fuel, flames from the General Electric engine that ultimately destroyed the right wing were a grave concern. Flight attendants opened left-side doors and began evacuating the plane before hearing the pilot’s order to do so, according to investigators. “Passengers were continuing to plead with her to let them off the plane,” a flight attendant told investigators. “The cabin began filling with smoke and she was concerned the airplane was heavy with fuel so… (www.usatoday.com) Plus d'info...

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dee9bee 3
1) What emergency evac ISN'T chaotic, in one form or another? Thirty years ago, I was in a cabin simulator at a 'major airline'. They pumped it full of fake smoke and we were supposed to leave the sim ASAP. I knew what was to happen and what I was supposed to do. Still, my heart seemed to be beating a twice the normal rate.

2) Flight Attendants don't need permission from the Captain to initiate an evac on their own if they see an obvious danger.
Lee Withers 3
Might have been better to wait until shutdown instead of blowing slides. Interesting that the first man out said he didn't have help, what did he expect. Also said he ran, not much of a helper.
s2v8377 4
American's FA's followed proper procedure under the circumstances and did an excellent job. Like "dee9bee" said above what evacuation isn't chaotic. The passengers not listening to crewmember instructions and bringing their lugguage and probably the kitchen sink with them certainly didn't help. Like you said I love the fact the first guy off was upset no one was at the bottom of the slide to help.
SoNic67 2
The first guy also didn't forget to say that he "felt pain in the back".
He as already looking for a compensation.
Knut Meyer 1
Having some experience in flying pressurised aircraft something in this report does not sound right; If the aircraft was already on the ground (and the report would suggest that) then there would be no need to de-pressurise since the weight of the aircraft and switches on the landing gear would do this automatically. Added to this pressurisation is not instigated before getting airborne. Maybe things have changed since my days.
Michael He 1
What is the flight?
The actions of the pilot were slow in shutting down the port engine. Schedule these two for a few more hours in the simulator working on emergency procedures.

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