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PIA To Discipline Staff For Overloading Flight

Pakistan International Airlines has taken disciplinary action over staff allowing seven passengers to travel without seats, according to media reports. PIA flight PK743, a scheduled service from Karachi to Madina on January 20, carried 416 passengers - seven more than the Boeing 777’s capacity of 409. ( Plus d'info...

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American will offer it in the second half of 2017.
Frank Harvey 3
Hope Ryanair don't see this
Pileits 2
But they stand up on buses in the city, so what is the missing link here. EDUCATION you think!!!!!
BOAC747 1
They stand up on roof tops of the trains before going into the tunnel of death CURRY IN A HURRY
mister wallace 1
Pakistan? Discipline? Tell 'em they're joking. The only discipline would be for being found out by the rest of the world; as if any normal traveller would use PIA anyway. More likely disciplined for not having more onboard.
a1brainiac 1
I have seen them riding on TOP of railcars in India and Pakistan....nothing out of sorts is cheap....
allan howell -2
So where did they sit? Jumpseats and cockpit? And how were they disciplined?
Torsten Hoff 8
They didn't sit -- they stood. There were more people than seats.

The staff involved showed such poor judgement, they should be terminated for jeopardizing the safety of the passengers -- not just those without seats, but also those who were seated and restrained.

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