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Alaska Air doesn't want all of the Airbus A321neo jets Virgin America ordered

Alaska Air Group executives said they won't use all of the Airbus A321neo jets Virgin America agreed to lease before Alaska's $2.6 billion takeover. The statements show Alaska executives are still keen on a predominantly Boeing fleet. Adding more Airbus aircraft to the fleet could give Alaska Air more negotiating power with Boeing, but the diversity would reduce the efficiencies of standardized training, maintenance and operations. ( Plus d'info...

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allan howell 1
Hyperbole from a brand that matured to fast
Alan Dahl 1
I just don’t see how the A321 fits into Alaska’s current needs very well. This could be an early sign also that Alaska/Virgin will go to nearly all-Boeing fleet as the current Virgin Airbus aircraft go off-lease over the next few years.

Is the 4000 mile range of the A321neo great enough to fly to Iceland with enough safety margin? The range is about 350 miles more than the distance between the two cities. I’d love to see Alaska supplement Icelandair’s SEA->KEF service if the A321neo would allow them to do so.

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