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Lots of private planes to swoop in for Super Bowl

To avoid commercial flights and airport crowds, celebrities and other high-rolling Super Bowl-goers are expected to arrive in droves, many of them by private plane. Kyle Chank, director of transportation and operations for the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee, said about 1,100 such aircraft will descend upon the area between the Thursday before the Feb. 5 big game and on Sunday itself. ( Plus d'info...

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dee9bee 3
This may or may not apply to HOU, but air traffic may be affected at places you might not expect. About five hours before the Super Bowl, being held in Pasadena, CA that year, I sat in line for an hour at KLAS for takeoff. I was headed the other way, Grand Canyon, not Cali! I'll watch the game on TV, thanks.
sharon bias 2
My sister was flying out of SFO when the Super Bowl was held there. Her commercial plane was waiting for take-off right after the gamed ended. Limo after limo pulled up to parked private aircraft, then those aircraft immediately got into the que to take off. She was muttering out loud, "get going, get going". By the time she lifted off, there were almost 30 planes of assorted types waiting to take off. Only about 10% were commercial aircraft.
Nick Hesler 1
For superbowl 50, we got really underwhelmed with the amount of plans that came in. For example RHV was expecting about 70 to 80ish planes, and only got about 10. SJC didnt fill up and they had fully expected to. I dont think any airport filled up. Very disappointing turn out for the superbowl.
linbb 1
A friend keeps his AC at the Eagle airport which serves Vale CO and that's about what they get for any major holliday what is expected for the super bowl. The field is usually quite full of parked AC ever where there is room. Many are the larger private jets, you know Boeing and Airbus among them. That doesn't account for the rent a jet which don't stay.
JY18 1
All of the celebrities should fly out and into private airports unless the planes are to large. So that other commercial flights aren't delayed. Last year they should've taken those smaller planes to airports like Palo Alto, Moffett, Hayward Etc...
Peter Maas 1
who gives a flying hoot. I'll fly in if Atlanta and Kansas city are in the Super bowl.
paul gilpin 0
private jets and hookers.

[This comment was deleted.]

LethalThreat 8
I feel that this type of comment and discussion does not belong on an aviation website. Take it elsewhere.
Jimmy Robinson 3
Jimmy Robinson 4
He's making racial comments concerning football, you're disparaging the future president. Whether Donald Trump did or didn't do anything, he is the president in two days and should be accorded a little bit of respect. And as this is an aviation forum, RECOR10 does deserve to be called out, but not with politics being dragged into this discussion. Just my opinion.
My bad - we were joking at work that it was going to be a "busy weekend"...but alas, wrong forum.

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