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A Handful of People Makes Majority of U.S. noise complaints

Eli Dourado, a researcher at the libertarian Mercatus Center, recently examined the public records of noise complaints for American airports and came to a disturbing conclusion. “We are letting crazy people make our airport noise policy,” is one way he summarized his findings. ( More...

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Ed Merriam 1
anti-NIMBY libertarians?
ToddBaldwin3 1
What I really should have posted was the full article, not just the summary from Route 50. I've included the link here.
Er.A.K. Mittal -6
Back home in India around circa 2000 I have had the privilege and honour of doing some pioneer work for getting laws enacted related to control of pollution due to noise. A lot has been done , but more is needed.
Crazy people ! I doubt.
In US context who initiates for a "class action" remedy in courts or else where ?
In India we call it public interest litigation, PIL .
Some times it is a small group who raise "voice" for the benefit of many and some time .... a lone "crazy" voice becomes loud enough to benefit a whole nation ! Like in the case of yours truly ...
So my humble request. never under estimate the power of one , much less ridicule it or make fun of it .
Even 250 year old history of USA has many many examples of single voice bringing about social revolutions and reforms .
Just my half cent .
Taylor Jones 6
This is not a matter of social or civil injustice. These airports have been in existence for many many decades, and are probably older than the people making the complaints. This is a matter of people building new homes nearer to airports, or buying existing homes near major metropolitan airports. They're fully aware of the noise and overhead traffic. Yet, after moving in, they then have the audacity to complain. It's like someone moving into a home near a large busy highway, then complaining about the noise. The article on the Mercatus website quotes a much more reasonable and cost-effective solution: installing sound insulation in those buildings near airports (especially those who complain).
An addendum
What America preaches , Americans don’t.
Like the 1st Amendment !
Outright down voting of my original opinion is example of this.
Kindly peruse the following
“ London Airport Paralysis Continues “,XJAG,639D8K,2KIZ0,1
“ …… Such fears probably imply that the government will choose expansion at Heathrow over Gatwick, ….
…. Before the airport vote there will almost inevitably be legal challenges from local authorities and environmental campaigners, who are confident they can block a new Heathrow runway on pollution concerns.
An aide to previous prime minister David Cameron told him last year that the government did “not have an answer” to how an expanded Heathrow would fit into its air quality strategy.
Invisible particulates such a nitrogen dioxide are estimated to kill almost 10,000 Londoners per year and the city’s air routinely breaches EU pollution limits.
…. “
Think again friends .
ToddBaldwin3 1
I'm afraid that what you have run into is the purest form of democracy. Yes, you free to espouse just about any opinion you want to on this site, but the readers are also free to disagree with you. Some of them express their displeasure by utilizing the "eject" function, others express it by stating their contrary opinion. They are also exercising their First Amendment Rights.
Disagreement vs displeasure.
Using speech vs using gun to express views .
The debate can be unending .
I agree with you fully. There is an age old legal principle " caveat emptor " meaning ' let buyer beware ' . Which is totally in line with your view.
We all know that properties are created where ever there id ' no prohibition or legal impediment ' no matter what the hazards.
Allow me the luxury of dilating slightly.
A few years ago same problem , of noise pollution , was felt by residents close to LHR airport. The solution found was to help residents modify the acoustics of the houses.
Further , as all know, night flights , inbound and outward, were restricted to some predetermined numbers.
Let us all appreciate that environmental pollution is not a century old phenomenon , it is all recent and real. All related to evolution and development.
I rest my case here.
Margeaux K 0
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A Few People Hate Airport Noise, and Everyone Pays

In 2015, a whopping 8,760 noise complaints were made at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in DC. A little digging reveals that 6,852 of those complaints (almost 80%) came from one household.


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