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ANA to replace 100 engines on its 787 Dreamliners

ANA says it will replace the engines on its fleet of Boeing 787s after a series of engine failures caused by corrosion and fatigue cracking of turbine blades. The Japanese airline plans to swap out all 100 Rolls-Royce engines currently used on its 50 Dreamliners. The process could take as long as three years. ( Plus d'info...

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David French 2
Article states that "The program has continued to suffer from teething problems and lackluster sales.". Teething problems yes, but lackluster sales? Total orders exceed 1100 - how is that lackluster?
According to Boeing the plane maker the problem is with the owner or carrier not so much Boeing problem
Pileits 1
Rolls will never see any profit from that Trent engine if the replacement costs are all on them.
patrick baker 1
they can sell a couple more thousand of these 787's , but not until the engines get fixed. It does say Rolls-Royce on the outside of the engine.If the pilots are not stressing out the engines, if all the flight testing and hundreds of thousand of hours of revenue operational flights showed everyone how to operate this aircraft, what argument has Rolls-Royce to use to evade all the costs?

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