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Shannon Airport emergency landing: 12 taken to hospital

Boeing 767-300 diverted to Shannon Airport in County Clare after the transatlantic turbulence ( More...

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crk112 1
Would they really have told them to get out of their seats and sit in the aisle? What's the reasoning for that?
Margeaux K -1
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'Severe' Air Turbulence Sends 12 to Hospital

A United Airlines flight that left Houston bound for London made an emergency landing in Ireland on Wednesday after severe turbulence left 10 passengers and two flight attendants needing hospital treatment, officials say.
Sumeet Chavan 0
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Turbulence cause 12 injured on United flight

12 injured on a United flight from Houston had to London had to divert to Shannon, Ireland due to turbulence on board the flight which caused injury of 12 passengers.


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