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Take a cool interactive tour of the Global SuperTanker 747

You can step inside a 3D recreation of the firefighting 747 and experience the tech required to blast nearly 20,000 gallons of fire retardant onto a wildfire at 800 feet. ( Plus d'info...

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SuperTanker Version 3.0 -- Evergreen did the original slurry drop testing in Marana, Arizona 10 years ago. I was part of the ground crew and the testing for the US Forestry Service only went so so. Later drop tests were more successful. The pressurized tankage system has been redesigned a couple of times and installed in both a 100 and 200 series Evergreen B747. Now the concept has been updated for the Global 400 series aircraft.
Don't know the current operating plan, but the plan then was to establish several operating bases (USFS already has several throughout the West with slurry tanks in place). The ground crew would set up with a humongous air compressor and the SuperTanker could be replenished in less than an hour. This concept was tested and successfully completed multiple times in 2006, 2007, and 2008.
The big issue has always been $$$$ -- the Forestry Service's budget has been reduced throughout the recession, so they tried to get the most bang for their bucks. The VLT Program (Very Large Tanker)was a concept that the existing air tanker companies saw as a threat, so a lot of politics were involved. Tanker 10 was able to get a contract, I think due being 1st to prove operations and lower cost than the SuperTanker.
Hope Global SuperTanker is successful, but history proves that it will be an uphill battle.
capcmdr 2
Still a marvelous piece of flying machinery. Great 3D
John Yount 2
I would hope the Global understands the fire fighting business. The Fire Boss (Incident Commander) has to justify the dollars spent on suppression. The idea of hauling 19,600 gallons of mud (retardant) from Colorado to say California isn't going to work. Projecting a thirty minute flight time to the fire is acceptable. Agencies pay for delivery on the fire not flying it around the west.
Bob Alexander 1
You are such a Pollyanna, John!
wylann 1
My company is currently providing all engineering for Marana Aerospace. I get to see this grand bird every day. (I haven't done any work on it, as it's all being done by their in house engineering and maintenance personnel, but I've witnessed a few of the ground dumps on the flightline.)

It was painted right outside my office. =)
linbb 0
Ok same as posted several days ago.

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