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Venture Inside the Command Center of the World’s Largest Airline

THE WORLD’S BUSIEST airport isn’t in the world’s biggest city. It’s in Atlanta, a great southern city that by dint of accident and capitalism sits, metaphorically speaking, at the center of the map. ( Plus d'info...

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Andy cripps 7
A fleet of 5000 aircraft? Ummm, no.
Guy Mellick 5
Lets get the facts straight. Delta has about 800 aircraft vs 960 for American. Delta is the number two airline for passengers carried - the last time they were #1 was 2012. American has been number 1 every year since 2013. American has 6500 daily departures vs 5400 for Delta.
Muchits 5
I would assume they mean 5,000 "flights" not 5000 "aicraft."
Smitjere 3
Correct, Delta averages about 5200 flights a day including connection flights operated by carriers like SkyWest and Compass.
Smitjere 3
Delta has 221 transocieanic aircraft including those on order, 796 Domestic aircraft including those on order, and 471 commuter aircraft flying the Delta Livery. Total flying is 1287, 1488 including those A/C on order. There are additional a/c being stored in Mojave and Tucson that I believe are not included in these counts.
Norman Atwater 2
My Son was flying out of Atlanta to Korea on July 5/16 on KE36 and he called me and said the Capt. of the airplane said they were on hold at the tarmac as the runways were closed . He called me and i went to the ATC website to hear what was going on and it was a bad weather storm had rolled in and i was able to tell him what was going on and it would be a while before they were going to take off and it was 3&1/2 hours . Also on Flight Aware i was able to see how plains were stacked up above the airport ( Thanks Flight Aware )
But i just want to say the the men & women the were controlling the flights that day were very professional and (Come/Cool & Collective) i as a person who don't know any thing of how airplanes get from A To B want to commend them for a job well done. Now when i fly i will have a more understanding what is going on behind the scene.

My question to you aviation folks is the ATC said they were waiting for reports from the Scout before they would be able to give a time for resuming the flights What is the Scout
Walter Wilson 4
Hi Norman, The "scout" is usually referred to as a "path finder". When severe weather is in the area but it is possible to depart flights, ATC will often ask crews if they would like to be a "path finder" circumnavigating the thunderstorm cells and report back of their rides' conditions (i.e. turbulence, rain, icing, etc...).
(on a more jovial note, your son was actually holding on the "ramp" or "apron" as airports technically do have have "tarmacs"..;)). The hard surfaces of the airports are referred to as ramp, apron (the more accepted global reference), taxiway, runway, and hardstand".)
Norman Atwater 1
Thanks Walter now i know when i hear it again. I have always had a interest of how we can have so many plains in the air and it is a safe way to travel . I make the trip to the Philippines each year and last time i got to set next to a Korean airline pilot coming off vacation who flew the Air Bus 380 and was first officer had over 1,800 hours I learned last month he is back in training to be a Captain for Korean Air a nice guy
I sure hope he won't be Captain with just over 1800 hours...
Norman Atwater 1
I must say i made a mistake i think it was 3,800 hours
Thank you Walter for your explanation. It was enlightening and helps understand air travel better!
AA is the world's largest Airline...
Muchits 1
By revenue, yes AA is. However by passengers carried, Delta is the world's largest airline.
John Tinney 1
terry gersdorf 1
by a/c and personnel as well
Ken McIntyre 1
So, who is correct? SM or kyle?
kyle estep 1
Delta has about 700 aircraft not 5000. Even if you counted every one of its subsidiary's airplanes (Endeavor Air) that only adds about 120 more (and they are tracked from a location at the Minneapolis airport)
terry gersdorf 1
largest Airline ??? seriously this is why ppl are so gullible

Sorry, I could not read it. It is being held hostage by tracking sites.

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Which is interesting, I did not charge Wired for an interview they did with me 20 years ago. I figured that was supporting their journalism.

It is not that I mind the ads so much, as long as they are not pop-up in-your-face ones.

Since I block tracking domains at the edge router, whitelisting Wired is not wroth my time. I just found it interesting that Wired, of all media companies, would have such wording in their blocker-blocking.
Guy Cocoa 1
They typically track you via cookies. Cookie provide some benefit to me, such as remembering logins, so I don't generally want to wipe them out, but I do want to clear them out when they get in the way, typically from tracking. To do that I keep one browser type for general use (Safari on my iPad) and one for specific use on which I can wipe out the cookies (Chrome). When I hit a blockage, such as, "You have read the five articles you are allowed this month." I copy the URL, clean out the cache of Chrome, and then open the URL in Chrome.
Bill Harris 1
Or you could try opening the page in an incognito window in Chrome.
Thx Bill, great idea!

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