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Air Transport Services Group Confirms Deal with Amazon to Operate Air Transport Network

Air Transport Services Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:ATSG) announced today agreements with Amazon Fulfillment Services, Inc., an affiliate of, Inc. (Nasdaq:AMZN), to operate an air cargo network to serve Amazon customers in the United States. ( Plus d'info...

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william baker 2
Does one really think Amazon ships this many packages daily over night that they could fill 20 767s. Also how are they going to get the packages from the big airports to the small ones when they will only have 100 packages to go to this said airport or area. And then have them delivered once they get there. Great it's awesome to go from point a to point b with mass amounts but they need to figure out how there going to go from there.
Pileits 2
I think Amazon is FAR bigger then most people would believe. I think 20 airplanes is just a test situation before they launch 100s of airplanes.
scott8733 1
Correct. Amazon shipped 2.2 BILLION packages last year. That's over 6 million packages daily on average. This will be something that will eventually be supplemented by local dispersion via smaller A/C, drones, and uber-type delivery drivers.
william baker 1
Well yes but most of there warehouses are close to big cities where people can pick there items up or have them delivered via ground for next day shipping. I myself get next day packages via ground from Amazon. Also it's not the big cities that use the shipping the most for next day or two day it's rural areas where you can't land a 767. Again like where I live you can't land a 767 within 2 hours of here so they still would have to send there packages via ups or Fedex to get here.
Bernie20910 1
So, you think you've spotted a fatal flaw in the plan that Amazon's own people were unable to see? Uh-huh... okay.
Loral Thomas 1
Amazon management isn't stupid. Have you seen the price of their stock recently? They obviously feel this will cut expenses and coupled with possible drone deliveries, well who knows. Gonna be interesting. First squawks will probably come from the air cargo carriers they now use.
AA61hvy 1
I worked for DHL Express previously. Amazon represented more than 60% of all outbound volume (internationally of course). WHEN Amazon starts flying DHL, Fx, 5x will all hurt badly.

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