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(Video) Aerial firefighting in Portugal

AT-802 Fireboss aircraft conduct aerial water application to the 2013 wildfires in Portugal ( Plus d'info...

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Look at about 50 seconds in. Cockpit shot but it looks like a carpenters clamp holing something close to the windshield. I hope it is not the windshield itself! Great video and a beautiful part of Portugal
joel wiley 1
At about 5:05 one drops on a fire line in the back yard- close support. Aside from the number of red tile roofs, the area looks much like the California Sierra foothills.
oowmmr 1
Aye, that looks like lots-o-fun!!!
Robert PROSSER 1
Bit worried about the G clamp on the windscreen too, great video.
Any idea why it is there?
GaryinTas 1
My guess would be a make shift GoPro mount of some sort - there is a plate mounted and at 3:40 I think I can see the GoPro mounted to the plate.
R S 1
At 6:14 it looks like there is a GPS unit that could be mounted on off the clamp.
that little plane must be extremely overpowered (and fun to fly) when empty, right?
TWA55 1
The music is what I really like, video too
Nice and dramatic but I find the early cutaways just as the floats touch the water really annoying; I'd like to have seen a little more of the run on the water. I know it's the current trend, but it's still annoying.
Bolivar Marin 1
Maravillosa demostración de precisión aerea. Estos jovenes merecen un saludo ferviente desde aquí FLORIDA CENTRAl usa.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Dan Chiasson 1
And those obvious reasons would be? And your reasons for sympathy are? Seems to me that self interest and greed are the only possible reasons. If that was your home with a fire raging 3 miles away, are more more interested in a few water pistols or a fire hose> Even the US has gone upscale with re-purposed Herc, commercial jets, etc.

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