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JFK allowed passengers arriving on international flight to exit without going through Customs

Passengers arriving at Kennedy Airport on an international flight were allowed to exit the busy hub without going through Customs — for at least the second time in recent months, the Daily News has learned. ( Plus d'info...

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dnorthern 7
JFK did not do this US Customs did.

Where is accountability? Heads should roll.
Ron Burgundy 4
Wish that would happen to me on occasion. Especially at MIA!
matt jensen 3
This "incident" happened last year
huskey 1
There are domestic flight gates that take directly to baggage claim without going through customs.
Bernie20910 1
You can't believe a word the NY Daily News prints though. I used to live in NYC, and several times I caught them making up stories. Once they ran a long article about how "the guy who changes the bulbs in the aircraft warning lights on the Empire State building" was going to be retiring, and that there was no one to replace him. Which was complete and utter BS because I was a member of Local 3 (IBEW) at the time and crew that inspected and maintained those were Local 3, and were not "about to retire" and were more than just a single guy. Their staff writer fabricated the story out of whole cloth, and NY Daily News published it without verifying any of it. There were other articles that they got caught on too, so I do not believe a single word of this.
bentwing60 1
A new slant on stuffing the ballot box!
Michael Hope 1
If you exit without going through customs, you can not collect your baggage, as it collected before you leave the customs hall.
paul trubits 4
The whole point is that they did not go through the customs hall. This was SOP just a few years ago. When our government in its infinite wisdom started requiring a passport to enter this country from Canada and Mexico, that is when you had to go through customs. I grew up in Niagara Falls and used to walk across the bridge to Canada all the time.

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