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Sheriff: Jet hits plow in crash landing at closed Telluride airport

The Hawker Beechjet was carrying five passengers and two crew ( Plus d'info...

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biz jets 5
Got lucky - 100mph impact - tore off starboard wing -
nobody hurt - totaled aircraft ---- Feliz Navidad !!!
Mark Lambie 2
Wasn't a crash landing- crash occurred rolling out didn't it? That's what the Windows are for. Look through them!
bashdan 2
Another case of "Get There-itis" perhaps?
Pa Thomas 2
KTEX weather at 2pm local time was IFR due to Visbility. It went from 10 miles down to between 1 3/4 and 3 for an hour. In the numerous snow showers during the day, the ceilings were down below IFR, too. Unforgivable not to go to Unicom or whatever, but what was Denver Center telling the guy on the way in? Did Denver know the runway was closed?

Stuff happens. There is a lot more to this incident than what we see in this story.
If the process is the same at KMCW, crews are read the NOTAMS prior to switching to Unicom. Since ground vehicles monitor Unicom, they should have heard the aircraft call out their landing intentions (more than once), and replied their position and activity.

As far as noise abatement is concerned, to heck with them when safety is concerned. If a pilot needs to observe conditions on the ground that are not supplied by AWOS at an uncontrolled field, taking the safe course trumps local regulations.
F.O. Krupke 3
Very fortunate that no one was injured. Use of CTAF should be mandatory for aircraft and ground vehicles.
David Sims 1
Ground vehicles are required to use CTAF by FAR Part 139. Aircraft, not so much.
linbb 1
Ground vehicles generaly always monitor tower freq or Unicom.
mike SUT 4
Ay caramba..donde esta el ducto tape?
Matt Ingmire 2
Were the words before this Hold my beer and watch this?
It was tequila not beer.
linbb 1
So the airport was closed at the time of the crash?????
Dustin Schultz 1
Was there an emergency or did he just decide to land???
blueashflyer 1
new wing spar section, rivet on a couple doublers, she's as good as new
matt jensen 1
What's the going price for scrap metals these days?
WeatherWise 1
Registration XA-MEX. Little info, no flight plan showing.
Maybe bringing a little extra white powder for the beautiful people.
patrick baker 1
inexcusable- without advisories, did this genius consider overflying the field to observe the conditions? there is a Unicom here. I think this pilot will end up paying the deductible under the "i didn't think, I didn't look " clause, He bent up a otherwise fine aircraft. Bet he has to sit, not fly, home.
justin chavez 2
Have you been to KTEX? There is no overflying that facility due to terrain and a very strict noise abatement procedure.
There's no reason to observe conditions at a field that's notam'd closed...
joel wiley 1
Just curious, was a notam issued? Is there an archive of notams issued?
ADXbear 1
Ah.. some duct tape and it will be fine... Merry Christmas..
joel wiley 1
A little more detail, very little more...
tim mitchell 1
So many areas of stupidity involved in this incident that its a miracle no one died.
bentwing60 2
As my dear old Dad used to say, "there's room for luck in this game".
tim mitchell 1
Luck, grace and favor is whenever a new pilot gets hit with an unexpected gust of wind and is able to keep the the plane in a climb on take off....continuing an approach to a snow covered runway in less than minimal conditions is insane.
bentwing60 1
Couldn't agree more, but without a little divine intervention, serendipity, luck or whatever you don't want to call it, they both would have been in the middle of the runway, etc., etc. This one doesn't require a great deal of analysis. Cheers!
usad 1
Here Poncho, hold my beer and watch this amigo.
MrTommy 1
The good thing for the crew is that the white powder ON the plane mixed into the white powder on the ground, and nothing was said . . .
linbb 1
Seems not too long ago another south of the boarder AC tried to land in high winds and didn't do so well either. Cant find if there is a manned tower there or not. There are videos with sound the pilots are doing an IFR down to mins approach and talking to the tower a few years ago.
bentwing60 1
ASE Challenger
DefStef 1
Might want to check the ATIS prior to landing! DUH!
edgeair 3
That airport is not controlled, meaning that there is no tower, there is no ATIS and participation on the CTAF although encouraged it is not required. With that there is no ATIS on the field, there is only an AWOS which is strictly for weather and seldom, IF EVER transmits NOTAMS of any kind. They may or may not have checked the AWOS but had they used the CTAF maybe someone at the airport would have advised him that the runway was being cleared.
Pileits -1
Mexican registration pretty much explains it all.
Actually, many U.S. jet pilots are just as bad about communicating at uncontrolled fields.
Chuck Me 2
And members of congress.
Tod Dickey 0
Was the runway covered by white powder Before the accident?
Snow on runway to remove snow. ......

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