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Airfare saving tips

Avoid airline collusion with these cost saving tips. ( Plus d'info...

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James Hanley 6
The tantrum one is my fav
Ric Wernicke 3
This list though through misses one. If you're not very heavy, you may be money ahead if you slap a barcode on your forehead and ride as freight. If you use the postal service one of their smart little vans will take you to your destination without additional charge.
Jim Maxwell 3
Skip the airport shoes... I'll try that next time!

Gotta love the onion.
paul trubits 2
I was getting nervous that no one would get it.
This is from The Onion - a satire website.
Gary Sheppard 1
+1 for airport shoes. Cleaning screen now...
Well, even if was stupid and a waste of time, it proves flightaware has a sense of humor????
Leighton Elliott -2
C Anderson 2
Its likely that some commenters already have this one down pat: "Some airlines charge for checked baggage, so be sure to look at a carrier’s website ahead of time to know how big and childish a tantrum to throw at the check-in counter."

But this is my favorite: "Score a free ride to your dream destination by confessing to a crime in the city of your choice."
Quackers -4
How did this get over twenty up vote squawks?
WhiteKnight77 13
What is 'People have a sense of humor?' for $1000 Alex.
skyhawkrg -4
Dumb, Dumb, DUMB!
iflyifr -4
david watson -9
Spam... don't waste time looking.

@Moderator... this is a click post...
C Anderson 2
Come on, get a life, dude. Looking for airfare deals ... really? Now that's funny!

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