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Dornier Seastar will not be assembled in Quebec but in China

Dornier, who has been angling for subsidies for the assembly of its Seastar in various places, now seems to have dropped out of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Quebec without telling their partners. After the usual fancy announcement of the building of the assembly plant, complete with local politicians, nothing else showed up. Now it seems that the assembly is going to be done in Wuxi in Jiangsu Province. So far there does not seem to be a report in English on this, so I post the link to a report… ( Plus d'info...

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matt jensen 1
It's a French language article. Why would it be in English? I'm more saddened at the loss of jobs to China.
Actually it could well be in English, as there are local English newspapers and TV stations, but so far they have not picked up on it.

As far as jobs are concerned, there were no jobs involved so far, only projected jobs. As Dornier seems to be one of the companies specializing more in angling for subsidies than in building planes, I'm not surprised it turned out this way.
sam kuminecz 1
as long as aviation grows and thrives, does anyone really care where something is built? as long as its built
That's my point, I'm not at all convinced that the Seastar will ever be built in great numbers, maybe except a few prototypes. A quick check will tell you that the first prototype flew in 1985, so if there is a market for it we should know by now. Historically, there were some great aircraft with the name Dornier on them, but for the last couple of decades it's more about trying to get subsidies than anything else.
Henry Percy 1
I flew it a couple times....very agile in the water, not so hot in the air...could only carry four hours of fuel plus two pilots...only flew at 150 knots, any faster produced heavy vibrations. Only carry passenger but low ceiling, not too handy for freight. Similar in usefulness to these Piaggio flying boats, kind of pretty in the water but not practical at all. Fairly flat bottom, as all German flying boats, so in heavy seas, not much better than a Twin Otter there. Price is double the Twotter with much slower speed and much less room and no payload.

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