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Denver International Airport: TSA Agents Fired for Groping Men at Airport, Police Reports Say

A CBS4 investigation has learned that two Transportation Security Administration screeners at Denver International Airport have been fired after they were discovered manipulating passenger screening systems to allow a male TSA employee to fondle the genital areas of attractive male passengers. It happened roughly a dozen times, according to information gathered by CBS4. According to law enforcement reports obtained during the CBS4 investigation, a male TSA screener told a female colleague in… ( More...

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El Kabong 8
It's the clearest way for someone to commit sexual assault against an unwilling participant with little to no recourse. This is what the public gets when a government agency doesn't even require a high school diploma for it's employees.
canuck44 2
...and then puts them in a union laundering dues to the party in power.

I hope all those guys out there that passed through and didn't get groped are not too upset that they didn't make the good looking list.
chudddds 1
yep, because we all know jerry sandusky didnt have a high school diploma, or any of the catholic priests either. what a moronic statement
El Kabong 1
Are either of those people responsible for public safety aboard commercial airliners? Stay on point if you plan to insult me.
Bernie20910 1
Neither is the TSA.
preacher1 2
Well, they should have been fired and were and that is good. My question is kinda unrelated to this specific incident, BUT, these folks are all government employees, having basically the same unions and benefits, yet inside the Beltway, they are on paid administrative leave forever and a day and 9 times out of 10 will be reinstated with back pay. Just don't make no sense.
I wonder what was on their mind when they saw him. TSA Security Gropes
georgedeveray 1
My home airport... Especially because my dad flew through there on Friday.
David Vega 0
It gives a bad name to the people we trust with our safety.
Bernie20910 13
Wait... what? When did the TSA have a GOOD name?
Margeaux K 0
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2 TSA Screeners Fired Over Groping Scheme

TSA would have us believe that all its screeners are professionals who would never, ever stoop to gawking at our X-rayed private parts or, maybe worse, copping a feel. CBS Denver, however, reports that two screeners at Denver's airport have been fired after their groping scheme was uncovered.


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