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Carson Air Flight 66 Goes Missing

Vancouver Airport Authority was notified that Carson Air Flight 66 departing from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) at 06:43 this morning for Prince George Airport (YXS) has lost contact with NavCanada’s Kamloops Flight Information Centre. Carson Air Flight 66 is a cargo flight using a Metro II aircraft with two people on board. ( Plus d'info...

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matt jensen 1
matt jensen 1
This SA-266 Metro II was not equipped with an ADS-B transponder so tracking is limited.
Andrew Stagg 1
This is the flight:
Last Mode C position was climbing through 7900ft about 6 minutes after departure from CYVR.
CaptainFreedom 1
Update....let's pray for these guys
djames225 1
Update..not a happy condolences to the families and company and hope they find out what happened.!Carson-Air-Flight-66-Has-Lost-Contact-With-NavCanada-Developing/c1wya/552c143a0cf28ab7fac6ecd4
Jim Heslop 1
Such a sad event. Two young pilots living their dream to fly having itt come to an abrubt end is tragic to say the least. I have always viewed those aircraft as one I wouldn't want to be in. I am sure they are just as safe as any other certfied twin turboprop.
I hope their families and co-workers can find comfort knowing the pilots have flown on from earthly existence to soar in the heavens above.
I patiently wait for the TSB to find out what transpired.
jeff laurie 0
Wreckage located, both pilots recovered, (deceased) indications are the aircraft broke up in flight

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