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Airbus Raises Prospect of Ditching A380 as Orders Vanish

Airbus admits it may have misjudged the market for the double-decker after failing to find a single airline buyer this year. ( More...

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Bob Ziehm 5
Maybe Boeing guessed the market correctly?
linbb 1
Gee Airbus has troubles too now those who like putting the other company down will give it up.
s2v8377 3
Both companies made bad calls.

Boeing should have focused their efforts to bring an updated version of the 777 to market and perhaps a 797 instead of the 737MAX. But they spent major $$$$!!! on the 748. The 748 may be a beautiful plane but sadly there never was a market for it.

Airbus should have focused their efforts on developing the A350 to be released before or at the same time as the 787. Also if they weren't tide up with the A380 they probably could have also brought a newer version of the A330 to the market sooner.

Both companies knew 10 years ago that the airlines wanted twin engine long range medium capacity aircraft like the A330 and 777, but ignored it. As I always say, you have to know your customers.
preacher1 5
They were too busy trying to outdo each other rather than pay attention to their customers.
arbvl 1
Really, compared to the 748, it was a success, the 748 most likley won't break even, if production ends before 2023. With a 380neo and possibly a 389 in the pipeline, this could be a project that just gets bigger. The infadtructure to make the worlds largest passenger plane even bigger is there, it was planned from the start. It was a good idea going bigger than the 747, the next step is to do something that big with two engines, but that's far far away.
I think the analysts are missing the main killer of the "whales", the 777.
preacher1 2
Well, their own 350 won't do them any favors.
s2v8377 1
I think the A350 will do okay as Airbus seems to be capitalizing on orders from airlines who can't get 787 delivery slots. Delta is a prime example.

However, in Delta's case I wonder why they didn't put more preasure on Boeing to get better slots for the order they inherited from Northwest???

It's still hard to believe Delta with its wide-body fleet renewal will be almost all Airbus after being primarily Boeing for all the years!!!
preacher1 1
DAL was not in a position to get better slots. THEY were the ones that had put them off, not Boeing, and the result is what happened. They will still have a lot of Boeings in the fleet but 2 things will have to happen. As thy come up to be replaced, can they be had from Boeing and the other, is that if the Airbus does well, they might not even invite Boeing for a bid.
s2v8377 1
I thought Delta was the one that delayed them, but I couldn't remember. I wonder if they regret it now???

I think if Airbus goes ahead with the long range A321NEO that Boeing may be under a real threat from Airbus for Delta orders. I also wonder when Delta will make a decision on all of their MD88's and MD90's. They are not getting enough B739 or A321 to replace them and the 757's.

Also as you mentioned it will be interesting to see what the fleet dispatch reliability on the newer generation Airbuses will be. I remember AA use to call the A300's the "Delay Bus".
preacher1 4
Well, as it was being built, it was touted with a cattle car, high density pax count. Airbus allowed carriers to customize interiors and go after $ with less than half the intended pax count. I personally think it was stupid to challenge the 747 after 40 years, but that's them.
Torsten Hoff 2
>> Airbus plunged deeper into crisis yesterday as customers reacted with fury to its suggestion that it may stop producing the fabled A380 super-jumbo in 2018 because of poor sales.

Are those the same customers who aren't buying the A380?
siriusloon 2
No, it's customers like Emirates, which has 56 A380s in its fleet now, with another 140 on order. But then you'd know that if you read the whole article and not just the first paragraph.
preacher1 1
It matters not. Pot calling the kettle black. Emirates would be in the group called CUSTOMERS that did not order any.
Dave Mathes 2
careful with that cap button !
preacher1 1
It is to be noted that the CEO started this mess looking at the reality of no sales. That forced the CEO to come out and do damage control with the NEO and stretch, probably before he was ready, much like Boeing had to do with the new 737 last year or whenever.
preacher1 1
CFO started it with no sales. 10-4 on the cap button. LOL
Richard Bent 2
Its time for airplane manufacturers to focus on faster planes not just refinements on new cattle cars. I realize Sonic Cruiser was ahead of its time but now with new NASA research findings on sonic and transsonic designs, its worth a new look.
ltcjra 1
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Shares of Airbus Group (EADSY) are down -3.16% to $15.30 after it was reported that the company advised airliners to test noisy doors on their A380 passenger airliner after identifying a problem with the door seal that could lead to a fall in the cabin pressure, the Associated Press reports.

Airbus said today that it's assessed noisy doors on some aircraft, following an air leak on a Singapore Airlines flight in January that caused the cabin pressure to drop, and found 10% of those tested needed reinforcing,the AP noted.
Steve Pearce 1
So, it looks as if we are heading to an environment where connectivity is key, with flights being offered to airports in the cities where people need to go, rather than hubs (which is seen as the A380's speciality.

How then does that sound when London, Heathrow in particular, is crying out to increase the size of their hub when the airlines are rapidly moving away from that?

Yet another reason, it seems, why the Airport Commission's report may well turn into a wasted exercise and recommend something that won't work!
There will be a need for massive hubs for a good while into the future. Hubs such as LHR will feed the local airlines that reach the smaller cities where a 200-400 seat plane is just not warranted. The 777, 787, A330 and A350 will feed directly to those mid-sized cities rather than connect through the mega-hubs. For a good bit of time, the industry will have a two tiered shape. Hub and spoke where that makes sense and direct connectivity where that is right.

Look at the Singapore situation. Direct connect from many of the Australian or Indian cities may make sense, but a direct flight from Boise or El Paso would not. Hence the need for a Mega-hub at DFW, LAX, SFO or SEA. The era of a one plane fits all was never really here. Guessing the markets 5-10 years out is a very tough job. Let the best guessers win !!
Chris B 1
Heads have to roll. Sadly most of them will be production workers. White elephant exhibit #1
preacher1 2
Well, they may take it out on the CFO, whether he told the truth or not but he was the one running his mouth that they were going to have to axe the 380 and that statement sent the stock into a tailspin.
Hugh Somsen 1
787; Old Smokey...
kbkesq 1
Specialty plane for sure. I had the opportunity to fly first class LAX to Paris and I wouldn't have traded it for a GV Flight. There are only 9 total 1st class seats and inly 2 other people in the plane. They wisk you through security, fine food wine etc, captain came out to greet me and gave me a cockpit tour before departing. And that particular round trip only cost me $10k contrasted with biz class which would've been great but not like a private jet experience. It was a once in a lifetime experience and as a pilot of have to say I enjoyed the flight nearly as much as Paris itself!
sparkie624 1
LOL.... First smart decision Airbus ever considered.
preacher1 1
Basically, Emirates has said they will buy it with news engines and stretched but not as is.
SmokedChops 1
gee, where did the A340 go? oh, yes, I recall...sent to the abattoir. Why? to make room for the much better 380. Ooookayfine.
houseofgold 1
2 articles above this says they are going to stretch the a380???
houseofgold 1
Airbus confirms plans for A380neo and A380 ‘stretch'
They never learn
Sadly since halfway through the A380 development program it projected to be a loss. Pride overtook sense and it continued. The other profitable Airbus lines continue to subsidise the A380 yet to sell break even numbers. Then when it could not get any worse they tried to please too many different airlines with a host of differing fit outs further slowing progress. They never did learn from the Concorde experience.
Cal Keegan 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Fury at Airbus after it hints the A380 super-jumbo may be mothballed

Airbus plunged deeper into crisis yesterday as customers reacted with fury to its suggestion that it may stop producing the fabled A380 super-jumbo in 2018 because of poor sales.

The prospect of the European plane-maker mothballing the giant passenger airliner sent shockwaves through the aviation industry yesterday and triggered a major fall in the company’s share price.


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